NIH Director's Early Independence Award Program

Submission Details

Institution Name:
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Institution Website:
DUNS Number:
Institution Contact Information:
Jeffrey French, Varner Professor of Neuroscience
Brief description of research areas being targeted by the Institution for the EIA initiative (with specific websites, if available):
Out institution is building strength in molecular and cellular neuroscience that has strong connections to systems, behavioral, and social neuroscience. Preference is for a candidate with research on basic neurobiology and behavior, as opposed to research directly related to specific disease states.
Materials that prospective EIA candidates need to submit:
EIA candidates should submit letter of intent for preparing the EIA award and an d CV by November 1 2013 to allow sufficient time to prepare a full proposal with UNO.
Description of process for prospective EIA candidates (if available):
Candidates will be screened for actual and potential scholarly potential, and fit with the programs initiatives.
Specific institutional website for prospective EIA candidates (if available):
Other information (please provide any other instructions to potential EIA candidates)

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