NIH Director's Early Independence Award Program

Submission Details

Institution Name:
Indiana University - Bloomington
Institution Website:
DUNS Number:
Institution Contact Information:
Donna Carter, Program Administrator
Brief description of research areas being targeted by the Institution for the EIA initiative (with specific websites, if available):
Prospective applicants are welcome to apply for an EIA to conduct research at Indiana University in any scientific area relevant to the mission of NIH. IU programs and departments that may be of particular interest include: Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Optometry, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Public Health, Speech and Hearing
Materials that prospective EIA candidates need to submit:
Prospective applicants must submit electronically the following documents to Donna Carter by October 15, 2013: 1. Cover sheet with the project title, applicants name, and current position title, department, campus address, and email 2. Project deion no more than 5 pages including the following: overall research impact, significance, investigators, innovation, and approach; and an elanation of how the resources and researchers available at Indiana University - Bloomington fit into the applicants research plans. 3. A letter of support the Chair/Dean of the intended IU host department/school 4. A letter of support the applicants dissertation supervisor or research advisor 5. Abbreviated CV for the applicant not to exceed 3 pages
Description of process for prospective EIA candidates (if available):
Applicants submitted by October 15, 2013 will be reviewed by a committee composed of representatives candidate host departments for presentation of project, responsiveness to the EIA program objectives, and relevance to the University’s research objectives. Applications received after that date will also be considered if spots are still available. Contact Donna Carter to check availability.
Specific institutional website for prospective EIA candidates (if available): CAS authentication required
Other information (please provide any other instructions to potential EIA candidates)
Prior to preparing an application, a prospective applicant should discuss his or her interest in applying for an EIA with the dean/chair of the intended host school/department to confirm that suitable mentors and resources are available to support the applicant’s planned research program. Additionally, to facilitate the internal review and ion process, applicants are encouraged to notify Donna Carter of their intended host department prior to submitting application materials.

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