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NIH Director’s Early Independence Award (EIA)
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The 2015 NIH Director’s Early Independence Award (EIA) (Funding Opportunity Announcement) was published in October 2014. The EIA, funded through the NIH Common Fund, provides an opportunity for exceptional junior scientists to accelerate their entry into an independent research position at a “host” institution, essentially skipping the postdoctoral training period following completion of the graduate degree or clinical residency. Reducing the time to independence allows highly motivated and intellectually mature individuals to begin making contributions earlier in their research career, and invigorates research institutions by providing a means to recruit outstanding, early career scientists. Each institution (as defined by a unique DUNS number) may submit only up to two applications in response to this funding opportunity announcement. In order to apply for the EIA award, potential EIA candidates must “matchup” with an institution that is willing to submit an application on their behalf and host them as an EIA recipient. The NIH has developed this web resource to facilitate the “matching” process between host institutions and potential EIA candidates. Participation is voluntary, and does not obligate an institution or individual to “match” via the portal, or to submit an application to the RFA.








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NIH Director's Early Independence Award
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