Mai-Kim S. Norman, MScMai-Kim S. Norman, M.Sc.

Mai-Kim received her master’s degree in medical microbiology from Kingston University in London, England in 2006 where she studied and sought to improve the laboratory diagnostic techniques of Burkholderia cepacia complex organisms from cystic fibrosis patient samples at the Health Protection Agency (HPA). After returning to the United States and working in an animal diagnostic laboratory at a Rockville, MD biotechnology firm as an associate scientist, in 2008, she joined the Radiation/Nuclear Medical Countermeasure Program (RNCP) in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at NIH. As a public health analyst in the RNCP, Mai-Kim managed an interagency agreement (IAA) comprised of several National Cancer Institute (NCI) projects as well as a multi-project IAA with the Armed Forces Radiobiological Research Institute (AFRRI). She also provided program management support to the Centers for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation (CMCR) U19 grant program made up of 7 R01-like grants. After nearly 6 years in the RNCP, Mai-Kim transitioned to the Office of Strategic Coordination, where she serves as a health specialist, supporting the High Risk-High Reward (HRHR) Research program.