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Science of Behavior Change (117)
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Suicide attempters with Borderline Personality Disorder show differential orbitofrontal and parietal recruitment when reflecting on aversive memories.Silvers, Jennifer A; Hubbard, Alexa D; Chaudhury, Sadia; Biggs, Emily; Shu, Jocelyn; Grunebaum, Michael F; Fertuck, Eric; Weber, Jochen; Kober, Hedy; Carson-Wong, Amanda; Brodsky, Beth S; Chesin, Megan; Ochsner, Kevin N; Stanley, BarbaraJournal of psychiatric research.2016 Jun 25;27392071
Affective lability and difficulties with regulation are differentially associated with amygdala and prefrontal response in women with Borderline Personality Disorder.Silvers, Jennifer A; Hubbard, Alexa D; Biggs, Emily; Shu, Jocelyn; Fertuck, Eric; Chaudhury, Sadia; Grunebaum, Michael F; Weber, Jochen; Kober, Hedy; Chesin, Megan; Brodsky, Beth S; Koenigsberg, Harold; Ochsner, Kevin N; Stanley, BarbaraPsychiatry research.2016 Jun 21;27379614
Some current dimensions of the behavioral economics of health-related behavior change.Bickel, Warren K; Moody, Lara; Higgins, Stephen TPreventive medicine.2016 Jun 6;27283095
Neurocognitive Processes and Pediatric Obesity Interventions: Review of Current Literature and Suggested Future Directions.Miller, Alison LPediatric clinics of North America.2016 Jun;27261544
Episodic memories predict adaptive value-based decision-making.Murty, Vishnu P; FeldmanHall, Oriel; Hunter, Lindsay E; Phelps, Elizabeth A; Davachi, LilaJournal of experimental psychology. General.2016 May;26999046
Associations of Mindfulness with Glucose Regulation and Diabetes.Loucks, Eric B; Gilman, Stephen E; Britton, Willoughby B; Gutman, Roee; Eaton, Charles B; Buka, Stephen LAmerican journal of health behavior.2016 Mar;26931758
Emotional Arousal Predicts Intertemporal Choice.Lempert, Karolina M; Johnson, Eli; Phelps, Elizabeth AEmotion (Washington, D.C.).2016 Feb 15;26882337
Twin-sibling study and meta-analysis on the heritability of maximal oxygen consumption.Schutte, Nienke M; Nederend, Ineke; Hudziak, James J; Bartels, Meike; de Geus, Eco J CPhysiological genomics.2016 Mar;26787216
Athlome Project Consortium: a concerted effort to discover genomic and other ''omic'' markers of athletic performance.Pitsiladis, Yannis P; Tanaka, Masashi; Eynon, Nir; Bouchard, Claude; North, Kathryn N; Williams, Alun G; Collins, Malcolm; Moran, Colin N; Britton, Steven L; Fuku, Noriyuki; Ashley, Euan A; Klissouras, Vassilis; Lucia, Alejandro; Ahmetov, Ildus I; de Geus, Eco; Alsayrafi, Mohammed; Athlome Project ConsortiumPhysiological genomics.2016 Mar;26715623
Precision Lifestyle Medicine: A New Frontier in the Science of Behavior Change and Population Health.Ma, Jun; Rosas, Lisa G; Lv, NanAmerican journal of preventive medicine.2016 Mar;395-726651423
Neural mechanisms tracking popularity in real-world social networks.Zerubavel, Noam; Bearman, Peter S; Weber, Jochen; Ochsner, Kevin NProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.2015 Dec 8;26598684
Monoacylglycerol lipase (MGLL) polymorphism rs604300 interacts with childhood adversity to predict cannabis dependence symptoms and amygdala habituation: Evidence from an endocannabinoid system-level analysis.Carey, Caitlin E; Agrawal, Arpana; Zhang, Bo; Conley, Emily D; Degenhardt, Louisa; Heath, Andrew C; Li, Daofeng; Lynskey, Michael T; Martin, Nicholas G; Montgomery, Grant W; Wang, Ting; Bierut, Laura J; Hariri, Ahmad R; Nelson, Elliot C; Bogdan, RyanJournal of abnormal psychology.2015 Nov;860-7726595473
The Social Regulation of Emotion: An Integrative, Cross-Disciplinary Model.Reeck, Crystal; Ames, Daniel R; Ochsner, Kevin NTrends in cognitive sciences.2016 Jan;26564248
Screening for Adolescent Problematic Internet Use: Validation of the Problematic and Risky Internet Use Screening Scale (PRIUSS).Jelenchick, Lauren A; Eickhoff, Jens; Zhang, Chong; Kraninger, Kristina; Christakis, Dimitri A; Moreno, Megan AAcademic pediatrics.2015 Nov-Dec;658-6526547545
The Effects of Social Context and Acute Stress on Decision Making Under Uncertainty.FeldmanHall, Oriel; Raio, Candace M; Kubota, Jennifer T; Seiler, Morgan G; Phelps, Elizabeth APsychological science.2015 Dec;1918-2626546080
Lower structural integrity of the uncinate fasciculus is associated with a history of child maltreatment and future psychological vulnerability to stress.Hanson, Jamie L; Knodt, Annchen R; Brigidi, Bartholomew D; Hariri, Ahmad RDevelopment and psychopathology.2015 Nov;1611-926535947
The Malleability of Intertemporal Choice.Lempert, Karolina M; Phelps, Elizabeth ATrends in cognitive sciences.2016 Jan;64-7426483153
Mindfulness and Cardiovascular Disease Risk: State of the Evidence, Plausible Mechanisms, and Theoretical Framework.Loucks, Eric B; Schuman-Olivier, Zev; Britton, Willoughby B; Fresco, David M; Desbordes, Gaelle; Brewer, Judson A; Fulwiler, CarlCurrent cardiology reports.2015 Dec;11226482755
Differences in Adolescent Physical Fitness: A Multivariate Approach and Meta-analysis.Schutte, Nienke M; Nederend, Ineke; Hudziak, James J; de Geus, Eco J C; Bartels, MeikeBehavior genetics.2016 Mar;26481792
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Getting Over It: Long-Lasting Effects of Emotion Regulation on Amygdala Response.Denny, Bryan T; Inhoff, Marika C; Zerubavel, Noam; Davachi, Lila; Ochsner, Kevin NPsychological science.2015 Jul 31;26231911
Marijuana experiences, voting behaviors, and early perspectives regarding marijuana legalization among college students from 2 states.Moreno, Megan A; Whitehill, Jennifer M; Quach, Vincent; Midamba, Nikita; Manskopf, IngaJournal of American college health : J of ACH.2016;26182234
Microinterventions targeting regulatory focus and regulatory fit selectively reduce dysphoric and anxious mood.Strauman, Timothy J; Socolar, Yvonne; Kwapil, Lori; Cornwell, James F M; Franks, Becca; Sehnert, Steen; Higgins, E ToryBehaviour research and therapy.2015 Sep;18-2926163353
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Many multicenter trials had few events per center, requiring analysis via random-effects models or GEEs.Kahan, Brennan C; Harhay, Michael OJournal of clinical epidemiology.2015 Dec;25985892
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