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NIH Director’s Transformative Research Awards (854)
Publication TitleAuthorsJournalPublication DatePage NoPubMedID
Heparin-chitosan nanoparticle functionalization of porous poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels for localized lentivirus delivery of angiogenic factors.Thomas, Aline M; Gomez, Andrew J; Palma, Jaime L; Yap, Woon Teck; Shea, Lonnie DBiomaterials2014 Oct8687-9325023395
Equilibrium and dynamic design principles for binding molecules engineered for reagentless biosensors.de Picciotto, Seymour; Imperiali, Barbara; Griffith, Linda G; Wittrup, K DaneAnalytical biochemistry2014 Sep 115-Sep24814226
Dynamic pathways of -1 translational frameshifting.Chen, Jin; Petrov, Alexey; Johansson, Magnus; Tsai, Albert; O'Leary, Sean E; Puglisi, Joseph DNature2014 Aug 21328-3224919156
Engager T cells: A new class of antigen-specific T cells that redirect bystander T cells.Iwahori, Kota; Kakarla, Sunitha; Velasquez, Mireya P; Yu, Feng; Yi, Zongzhen; Gerken, Claudia; Song, Xiao-Tong; Gottschalk, StephenMolecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy2014 Aug 21NULL25142939
A Quantitative Linguistic Analysis of National Institutes of Health R01 Application Critiques From Investigators at One Institution.Kaatz, Anna; Magua, Wairimu; Zimmerman, David R; Carnes, MollyAcademic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges2014 Aug 19NULL25140529
Altering the Intestinal Microbiota during a Critical Developmental Window Has Lasting Metabolic Consequences.Cox, Laura M; Yamanishi, Shingo; Sohn, Jiho; Alekseyenko, Alexander V; Leung, Jacqueline M; Cho, Ilseung; Kim, Sungheon G; Li, Huilin; Gao, Zhan; Mahana, Douglas; Zarate Rodriguez, Jorge G; Rogers, Arlin B; Robine, Nicolas; Loke, P'ng; Blaser, Martin JCell2014 Aug 14705-2125126780
Rescue of Notch-1 Signaling in Antigen-Specific CD8+ T Cells Overcomes Tumor-Induced T-cell Suppression and Enhances Immunotherapy in Cancer.Sierra, Rosa A; Thevenot, Paul; Raber, Patrick L; Cui, Yan; Parsons, Chris; Ochoa, Augusto C; Trillo-Tinoco, Jimena; Valle, Luis Del; Rodriguez, Paulo CCancer immunology research2014 Aug800-1124830414
Heparin microparticle effects on presentation and bioactivity of bone morphogenetic protein-2.Hettiaratchi, Marian H; Miller, Tobias; Temenoff, Johnna S; Guldberg, Robert E; McDevitt, Todd CBiomaterials2014 Aug7228-3824881028
Connexin-43 induces chemokine release from spinal cord astrocytes to maintain late-phase neuropathic pain in mice.Chen, Gang; Park, Chul-Kyu; Xie, Rou-Gang; Berta, Temugin; Nedergaard, Maiken; Ji, Ru-RongBrain : a journal of neurology2014 Aug2193-20924919967
Expression of arginase I in myeloid cells limits control of residual disease after radiation therapy of tumors in mice.Crittenden, Marka R; Savage, Talicia; Cottam, Benjamin; Baird, Jason; Rodriguez, Paulo C; Newell, Pippa; Young, Kristina; Jackson, Andrew M; Gough, Michael JRadiation research2014 Aug182-9024992164
A freely-moving monkey treadmill model.D Foster, Justin; Nuyujukian, Paul; Freifeld, Oren; Gao, Hua; Walker, Ross; I Ryu, Stephen; H Meng, Teresa; Murmann, Boris; J Black, Michael; V Shenoy, KrishnaJournal of neural engineering2014 Aug4602024995476
Mobile DNA elements in the generation of diversity and complexity in the brain.Erwin, Jennifer A; Marchetto, Maria C; Gage, Fred HNature reviews. Neuroscience2014 Aug497-50625005482
Cryotemplation for the Rapid Fabrication of Porous, Patternable Photopolymerized Hydrogels.Thomas, Aline M; Shea, Lonnie DJournal of materials chemistry. B, Materials for biology and medicine2014 Jul 284521-453025083293
Targeting human dendritic cells in situ to improve vaccines.Sehgal, Kartik; Dhodapkar, Kavita M; Dhodapkar, Madhav VImmunology letters2014 Jul 27NULL25072116
Sonic hedgehog and neurotrophin-3 increase oligodendrocyte numbers and myelination after spinal cord injury.Thomas, Aline M; Seidlits, Stephanie K; Goodman, Ashley G; Kukushliev, Todor V; Hassani, Donna M; Cummings, Brian J; Anderson, Aileen J; Shea, Lonnie DIntegrative biology : quantitative biosciences from nano to macro2014 Jul 24694-70524873988
IGF-I regulates the age-dependent signaling peptide humanin.Lee, Changhan; Wan, Junxiang; Miyazaki, Brian; Fang, Yimin; Guevara-Aguirre, Jaime; Yen, Kelvin; Longo, Valter; Bartke, Andrzej; Cohen, PinchasAging cell2014 Jul 18NULL25040290
WNT7A and PAX6 define corneal epithelium homeostasis and pathogenesis.Ouyang, Hong; Xue, Yuanchao; Lin, Ying; Zhang, Xiaohui; Xi, Lei; Patel, Sherrina; Cai, Huimin; Luo, Jing; Zhang, Meixia; Zhang, Ming; Yang, Yang; Li, Gen; Li, Hairi; Jiang, Wei; Yeh, Emily; Lin, Jonathan; Pei, Michelle; Zhu, Jin; Cao, Guiqun; Zhang, LiangNature2014 Jul 17358-6125030175
Mechanism of transcriptional bursting in bacteria.Chong, Shasha; Chen, Chongyi; Ge, Hao; Xie, X SunneyCell2014 Jul 17314-2625036631
Cell and tissue engineering for liver disease.Bhatia, Sangeeta N; Underhill, Gregory H; Zaret, Kenneth S; Fox, Ira JScience translational medicine2014 Jul 16245sr225031271
Design and Analysis for Studying microRNAs in Human Disease: A Primer on -Omic Technologies.Nair, Viswam S; Pritchard, Colin C; Tewari, Muneesh; Ioannidis, John P AAmerican journal of epidemiology2014 Jul 15140-5224966218
Arginase I levels are decreased in the plasma of pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis.Dimitriades, Victoria; Rodriguez, Paulo C; Zabaleta, Jovanny; Ochoa, Augusto CAnnals of allergy, asthma & immunology : official publication of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology2014 Jul 11NULL25027824
Computational modeling helps uncover mechanisms related to the progression of emphysema.Suki, Bela; Parameswaran, HarikrishnanDrug discovery today. Disease models2014 Jul 84245-424924904681
Alive and well? Exploring disease by studying lifespan.Brett, Jamie O; Rando, Thomas ACurrent opinion in genetics & development2014 Jul 533-4025005743
Low incidence of off-target mutations in individual CRISPR-Cas9 and TALEN targeted human stem cell clones detected by whole-genome sequencing.Veres, Adrian; Gosis, Bridget S; Ding, Qiurong; Collins, Ryan; Ragavendran, Ashok; Brand, Harrison; Erdin, Serkan; Talkowski, Michael E; Musunuru, KiranCell stem cell2014 Jul 327-3024996167
Identification and signature profiles for pro-resolving and inflammatory lipid mediators in human tissue.Colas, Romain A; Shinohara, Masakazu; Dalli, Jesmond; Chiang, Nan; Serhan, Charles NAmerican journal of physiology. Cell physiology2014 Jul 1C39-5424696140
Mapping the human toxome by systems toxicology.Bouhifd, Mounir; Hogberg, Helena T; Kleensang, Andre; Maertens, Alexandra; Zhao, Liang; Hartung, ThomasBasic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology2014 Jul24-3124443875
Proteoglycans maintain lung stability in an elastase-treated mouse model of emphysema.Takahashi, Ayuko; Majumdar, Arnab; Parameswaran, Harikrishnan; Bartolak-Suki, Erzsebet; Suki, BelaAmerican journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology2014 Jul26-3324450478
Oncogenic transformation of diverse gastrointestinal tissues in primary organoid culture.Li, Xingnan; Nadauld, Lincoln; Ootani, Akifumi; Corney, David C; Pai, Reetesh K; Gevaert, Olivier; Cantrell, Michael A; Rack, Paul G; Neal, James T; Chan, Carol W-M; Yeung, Trevor; Gong, Xue; Yuan, Jenny; Wilhelmy, Julie; Robine, Sylvie; Attardi, Laura D;Nature medicine2014 Jul769-7724859528
Identification of the RNA recognition element of the RBPMS family of RNA-binding proteins and their transcriptome-wide mRNA targets.Farazi, Thalia A; Leonhardt, Carl S; Mukherjee, Neelanjan; Mihailovic, Aleksandra; Li, Song; Max, Klaas E A; Meyer, Cindy; Yamaji, Masashi; Cekan, Pavol; Jacobs, Nicholas C; Gerstberger, Stefanie; Bognanni, Claudia; Larsson, Erik; Ohler, Uwe; Tuschl, ThomRNA (New York, N.Y.)2014 Jul1090-10224860013
Targeting cells with single vectors using multiple-feature Boolean logic.Fenno, Lief E; Mattis, Joanna; Ramakrishnan, Charu; Hyun, Minsuk; Lee, Soo Yeun; He, Miao; Tucciarone, Jason; Selimbeyoglu, Aslihan; Berndt, Andre; Grosenick, Logan; Zalocusky, Kelly A; Bernstein, Hannah; Swanson, Haley; Perry, Chelsey; Diester, Ilka; BoyNature methods2014 Jul763-7224908100
Emerging targets in neuroinflammation-driven chronic pain.Ji, Ru-Rong; Xu, Zhen-Zhong; Gao, Yong-JingNature reviews. Drug discovery2014 Jul533-4824948120
Imaging the intracellular distribution of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in living cells with quantitative hyperspectral stimulated Raman scattering.Fu, Dan; Zhou, Jing; Zhu, Wenjing Suzanne; Manley, Paul W; Wang, Y Karen; Hood, Tami; Wylie, Andrew; Xie, X SunneyNature chemistry2014 Jul614-2224950332
PEDSnet: how a prototype pediatric learning health system is being expanded into a national network.Forrest, Christopher B; Margolis, Peter; Seid, Michael; Colletti, Richard BHealth affairs (Project Hope)2014 Jul1171-725006143
Chem-seq permits identification of genomic targets of drugs against androgen receptor regulation selected by functional phenotypic screens.Jin, Chunyu; Yang, Liuqing; Xie, Min; Lin, Chunru; Merkurjev, Daria; Yang, Joy C; Tanasa, Bogdan; Oh, Soohwan; Zhang, Jie; Ohgi, Kenneth A; Zhou, Hongyan; Li, Wenbo; Evans, Christopher P; Ding, Sheng; Rosenfeld, Michael GProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 Jun 249235-4024928520
Optical-Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy for Volumetric and Spectral Analysis of Histological and Immunochemical Samples.Zhang, Yu Shrike; Yao, Junjie; Zhang, Chi; Li, Lei; Wang, Lihong V; Xia, YounanAngewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)2014 Jun 24NULL24961608
Small-molecule axon-polarization studies enabled by a shear-free microfluidic gradient generator.Xu, Hui; Ferreira, Meghaan M; Heilshorn, Sarah CLab on a chip2014 Jun 212047-5624781157
mTORC1 controls the adaptive transition of quiescent stem cells from G0 to G(Alert).Rodgers, Joseph T; King, Katherine Y; Brett, Jamie O; Cromie, Melinda J; Charville, Gregory W; Maguire, Katie K; Brunson, Christopher; Mastey, Namrata; Liu, Ling; Tsai, Chang-Ru; Goodell, Margaret A; Rando, Thomas ANature2014 Jun 19393-624870234
Directed network wiring identifies a key protein interaction in embryonic stem cell differentiation.Yasui, Norihisa; Findlay, Greg M; Gish, Gerald D; Hsiung, Marilyn S; Huang, Jin; Tucholska, Monika; Taylor, Lorne; Smith, Louis; Boldridge, W Clifford; Koide, Akiko; Pawson, Tony; Koide, ShoheiMolecular cell2014 Jun 191034-4124910098
Natural neural projection dynamics underlying social behavior.Gunaydin, Lisa A; Grosenick, Logan; Finkelstein, Joel C; Kauvar, Isaac V; Fenno, Lief E; Adhikari, Avishek; Lammel, Stephan; Mirzabekov, Julie J; Airan, Raag D; Zalocusky, Kelly A; Tye, Kay M; Anikeeva, Polina; Malenka, Robert C; Deisseroth, KarlCell2014 Jun 191535-5124949967
In vivo metabolic fingerprinting of neutral lipids with hyperspectral stimulated Raman scattering microscopy.Fu, Dan; Yu, Yong; Folick, Andrew; Currie, Erin; Farese Jr, Robert V; Tsai, Tsung-Huang; Xie, Xiaoliang Sunney; Wang, Meng CJournal of the American Chemical Society2014 Jun 188820-824869754
Continuous scanning of a time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focus by reflection-mode digital phase conjugation.Suzuki, Yuta; Tay, Jian Wei; Yang, Qiang; Wang, Lihong VOptics letters2014 Jun 153441-424978506
Transcription. Interactions between RNA polymerase and the "core recognition element" counteract pausing.Vvedenskaya, Irina O; Vahedian-Movahed, Hanif; Bird, Jeremy G; Knoblauch, Jared G; Goldman, Seth R; Zhang, Yu; Ebright, Richard H; Nickels, Bryce EScience (New York, N.Y.)2014 Jun 131285-924926020
Sequence-dependent elongation dynamics on macrolide-bound ribosomes.Johansson, Magnus; Chen, Jin; Tsai, Albert; Kornberg, Guy; Puglisi, Joseph DCell reports2014 Jun 121534-4624836000
The Dynamics of SecM-Induced Translational Stalling.Tsai, Albert; Kornberg, Guy; Johansson, Magnus; Chen, Jin; Puglisi, Joseph DCell reports2014 Jun 121521-3324836001
Characterization and development of photoactivatable fluorescent proteins for single-molecule-based superresolution imaging.Wang, Siyuan; Moffitt, Jeffrey R; Dempsey, Graham T; Xie, X Sunney; Zhuang, XiaoweiProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 Jun 108452-724912163
Permanent Alteration of PCSK9 With In Vivo CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing.Ding, Qiurong; Strong, Alanna; Patel, Kevin M; Ng, Sze-Ling; Gosis, Bridget S; Regan, Stephanie N; Rader, Daniel J; Musunuru, KiranCirculation research2014 Jun 10NULL24916110
A Monoclonal Antibody that Targets a NaV1.7 Channel Voltage Sensor for Pain and Itch Relief.Lee, Jun-Ho; Park, Chul-Kyu; Chen, Gang; Han, Qingjian; Xie, Rou-Gang; Liu, Tong; Ji, Ru-Rong; Lee, Seok-YongCell2014 Jun 51393-40424856969
Water sensor ppk28 modulates Drosophila lifespan and physiology through AKH signaling.Waterson, Michael J; Chung, Brian Y; Harvanek, Zachary M; Ostojic, Ivan; Alcedo, Joy; Pletcher, Scott DProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 Jun 38137-4224821805
Positive and negative gustatory inputs affect Drosophila lifespan partly in parallel to dFOXO signaling.Ostojic, Ivan; Boll, Werner; Waterson, Michael J; Chan, Tammy; Chandra, Rashmi; Pletcher, Scott D; Alcedo, JoyProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 Jun 38143-824847072
Vagus nerve controls resolution and pro-resolving mediators of inflammation.Mirakaj, Valbona; Dalli, Jesmond; Granja, Tiago; Rosenberger, Peter; Serhan, Charles NThe Journal of experimental medicine2014 Jun 21037-4824863066
Lentivirus delivery of IL-10 to promote and sustain macrophage polarization towards an anti-inflammatory phenotype.Boehler, R M; Kuo, R; Shin, S; Goodman, A G; Pilecki, M A; Leonard, J N; Shea, L DBiotechnology and bioengineering2014 Jun1210-2124375008
Virus associated malignancies: the role of viral hepatitis in hepatocellular carcinoma.Shlomai, Amir; de Jong, Ype P; Rice, Charles MSeminars in cancer biology2014 Jun78-8824457013
Development and evaluation of SYBR Green-I based quantitative PCR assays for herpes simplex virus type 1 whole transcriptome analysis.Garvey, Cathryn E; McGowin, Chris L; Foster, Timothy PJournal of virological methods2014 Jun101-1124607486
Crosstalk between adrenergic and toll-like receptors in human mesenchymal stem cells and keratinocytes: a recipe for impaired wound healing.Dasu, Mohan R; Ramirez, Sandra R; La, Thi Dinh; Gorouhi, Farzam; Nguyen, Chuong; Lin, Benjamin R; Mashburn, Chelcy; Stewart, Heather; Peavy, Thomas R; Nolta, Jan A; Isseroff, Roslyn RStem cells translational medicine2014 Jun745-5924760207
Approaches to in vitro tissue regeneration with application for human disease modeling and drug development.Ebrahimkhani, Mohammad R; Young, Carissa L; Lauffenburger, Douglas A; Griffith, Linda G; Borenstein, Jeffrey TDrug discovery today2014 Jun754-6224793141
Comprehensive analysis of RNA-protein interactions by high-throughput sequencing-RNA affinity profiling.Tome, Jacob M; Ozer, Abdullah; Pagano, John M; Gheba, Dan; Schroth, Gary P; Lis, John TNature methods2014 Jun683-824809628
Stem cells as vehicles for youthful regeneration of aged tissues.Rando, Thomas A; Wyss-Coray, TonyThe journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences2014 JunS39-4224833585
Stuck in the out-group: Jennifer can't grow up, Jane's invisible, and Janet's over the hill.Kaatz, Anna; Carnes, MollyJournal of women's health (2002)2014 Jun481-424844292
Materials as stem cell regulators.Murphy, William L; McDevitt, Todd C; Engler, Adam JNature materials2014 Jun547-5724845994
Regulation of gene expression in autoimmune disease loci and the genetic basis of proliferation in CD4+ effector memory T cells.Hu, Xinli; Kim, Hyun; Raj, Towfique; Brennan, Patrick J; Trynka, Gosia; Teslovich, Nikola; Slowikowski, Kamil; Chen, Wei-Min; Onengut, Suna; Baecher-Allan, Clare; De Jager, Philip L; Rich, Stephen S; Stranger, Barbara E; Brenner, Michael B; Raychaudhuri, PLoS genetics2014 June100440424968232
Deletion of Ptp4a3 reduces clonogenicity and tumor-initiation ability of colitis-associated cancer cells in mice.Cramer, Julie M; Zimmerman, Mark W; Thompson, Tim; Homanics, Gregg E; Lazo, John S; Lagasse, EricStem cell research2014 May 27164-17124950307
Oncogenic transformation of diverse gastrointestinal tissues in primary organoid culture.Li, Xingnan; Nadauld, Lincoln; Ootani, Akifumi; Corney, David C; Pai, Reetesh K; Gevaert, Olivier; Cantrell, Michael A; Rack, Paul G; Neal, James T; Chan, Carol W-M; Yeung, Trevor; Gong, Xue; Yuan, Jenny; Wilhelmy, Julie; Robine, Sylvie; Attardi, Laura D;Nature medicine2014 May 25NULL24859528
Defective Tibetan PHD2 Binding to p23 Links High Altitude Adaption to Altered Oxygen Sensing.Song, Daisheng; Li, Lin-Sheng; Arsenault, Patrick R; Tan, Qiulin; Bigham, Abigail W; Heaton-Johnson, Katherine J; Master, Stephen R; Lee, Frank SThe Journal of biological chemistry2014 May 2314656-6524711448
The Lipid Kinase PIP5K1C Regulates Pain Signaling and Sensitization.Wright, Brittany D; Loo, Lipin; Street, Sarah E; Ma, Anqi; Taylor-Blake, Bonnie; Stashko, Michael A; Jin, Jian; Janzen, William P; Frye, Stephen V; Zylka, Mark JNeuron2014 May 21836-4724853942
Robust, Quantitative Analysis of Proteins using Peptide Immunoreagents, in Vitro Translation, and an Ultrasensitive Acoustic Resonant Sensor.Jalali-Yazdi, Farzad; Corbin, Jasmine M; Takahashi, Terry T; Roberts, Richard WAnalytical chemistry2014 May 204715-2224749546
Protective immunity to H7N9 influenza viruses elicited by synthetic DNA vaccine.Yan, Jian; Villarreal, Daniel O; Racine, Trina; Chu, Jaemi S; Walters, Jewell N; Morrow, Matthew P; Khan, Amir S; Sardesai, Niranjan Y; Kim, J Joseph; Kobinger, Gary P; Weiner, David BVaccine2014 May 192833-4224631084
Space-time wiring specificity supports direction selectivity in the retina.Kim, Jinseop S; Greene, Matthew J; Zlateski, Aleksandar; Lee, Kisuk; Richardson, Mark; Turaga, Srinivas C; Purcaro, Michael; Balkam, Matthew; Robinson, Amy; Behabadi, Bardia F; Campos, Michael; Denk, Winfried; Seung, H Sebastian; EyeWirersNature2014 May 15331-624805243
Development of a membrane-anchored chemerin receptor agonist as a novel modulator of allergic airway inflammation and neuropathic pain.Doyle, Jamie R; Krishnaji, Subrahmanian T; Zhu, Guangli; Xu, Zhen-Zhong; Heller, Daniel; Ji, Ru-Rong; Levy, Bruce D; Kumar, Krishna; Kopin, Alan SThe Journal of biological chemistry2014 May 913385-9624659779
Discovery of a neuroprotective chemical, (S)-N-(3-(3,6-dibromo-9H-carbazol-9-yl)-2-fluoropropyl)-6-methoxypyridin-2-amine [(-)-P7C3-S243], with improved druglike properties.Naidoo, Jacinth; De Jesus-Cortes, Hector; Huntington, Paula; Estill, Sandi; Morlock, Lorraine K; Starwalt, Ruth; Mangano, Thomas J; Williams, Noelle S; Pieper, Andrew A; Ready, Joseph MJournal of medicinal chemistry2014 May 83746-5424697290
Assessment and improvement of Indian-origin rhesus macaque and Mauritian-origin cynomolgus macaque genome annotations using deep transcriptome sequencing data.Peng, Xinxia; Pipes, Lenore; Xiong, Hao; Green, Richard R; Jones, Daniel C; Ruzzo, Walter L; Schroth, Gary P; Mason, Christopher E; Palermo, Robert E; Katze, Michael GJournal of medical primatology2014 May 8NULL24810475
Structurally distinct ca(2+) signaling domains of sperm flagella orchestrate tyrosine phosphorylation and motility.Chung, Jean-Ju; Shim, Sang-Hee; Everley, Robert A; Gygi, Steven P; Zhuang, Xiaowei; Clapham, David ECell2014 May 8808-2224813608
A new class of protein cancer biomarker candidates: Differentially expressed splice variants of ERBB2 (HER2/neu) and ERBB1 (EGFR) in breast cancer cell lines.Omenn, Gilbert S; Guan, Yuanfang; Menon, RajasreeJournal of proteomics2014 May 5NULL24802673
Tumor endothelium FasL establishes a selective immune barrier promoting tolerance in tumors.Motz, Gregory T; Santoro, Stephen P; Wang, Li-Ping; Garrabrant, Tom; Lastra, Ricardo R; Hagemann, Ian S; Lal, Priti; Feldman, Michael D; Benencia, Fabian; Coukos, GeorgeNature medicine2014 May 4NULL24793239
Molecular-level functional magnetic resonance imaging of dopaminergic signaling.Lee, Taekwan; Cai, Lili X; Lelyveld, Victor S; Hai, Aviad; Jasanoff, AlanScience (New York, N.Y.)2014 May 2533-524786083
One-pot Synthesis of Elastin-like Polypeptide Hydrogels with Grafted VEGF-Mimetic Peptides.Cai, Lei; Dinh, Cong B; Heilshorn, Sarah CBiomaterials science2014 May 1757-76524729868
The More Exotic Shapes of Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Emerging Applications in Bioimaging.Lim, Sung Jun; Smith, Andrew; Nie, ShumingCurrent opinion in chemical engineering2014 May 1137-14324982823
Type II fatty acid biosynthesis is essential for Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite development in the midgut of Anopheles mosquitoes.van Schaijk, Ben C L; Kumar, T R Santha; Vos, Martijn W; Richman, Adam; van Gemert, Geert-Jan; Li, Tao; Eappen, Abraham G; Williamson, Kim C; Morahan, Belinda J; Fishbaugher, Matt; Kennedy, Mark; Camargo, Nelly; Khan, Shahid M; Janse, Chris J; Sim, Kim LeEukaryotic cell2014 May550-924297444
C4d deposits on the surface of RBCs in trauma patients and interferes with their function.Muroya, Takashi; Kannan, Lakshmi; Ghiran, Ionita C; Shevkoplyas, Sergey S; Paz, Ziv; Tsokos, Maria; Dalle Lucca, Jurandir J; Shapiro, Nathan I; Tsokos, George CCritical care medicine2014 Maye364-7224448198
Overexpression of diacylglycerol kinase ýý enhances G*q-coupled G protein-coupled receptor signaling.Rittiner, Joseph E; Brings, Victoria E; Zylka, Mark JMolecular pharmacology2014 May800-1024608858
Epithelial basal cells are distinct from dendritic cells and macrophages in the mouse epididymis.Shum, Winnie W; Smith, Tegan B; Cortez-Retamozo, Virna; Grigoryeva, Lubov S; Roy, Jeremy W; Hill, Eric; Pittet, Mikael J; Breton, Sylvie; Da Silva, NicolasBiology of reproduction2014 May9024648397
T-cell and NK-cell infiltration into solid tumors: a key limiting factor for efficacious cancer immunotherapy.Melero, Ignacio; Rouzaut, Ana; Motz, Greg T; Coukos, GeorgeCancer discovery2014 May522-624795012
Removing batch effects from histopathological images for enhanced cancer diagnosis.Kothari, Sonal; Phan, John H; Stokes, Todd H; Osunkoya, Adeboye O; Young, Andrew N; Wang, May DIEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics2014 May765-7224808220
The kinase regulator mob1 acts as a patterning protein for stentor morphogenesis.Slabodnick, Mark M; Ruby, J Graham; Dunn, Joshua G; Feldman, Jessica L; DeRisi, Joseph L; Marshall, Wallace FPLoS biology2014 Maye100186124823688
Concise review: MicroRNA function in multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells.Clark, Elizabeth A; Kalomoiris, Stefanos; Nolta, Jan A; Fierro, Fernando AStem cells (Dayton, Ohio)2014 May1074-8224860868
The Evolutionarily Conserved Mediator Subunit MDT-15/MED15 Links Protective Innate Immune Responses and Xenobiotic Detoxification.Pukkila-Worley, Read; Feinbaum, Rhonda L; McEwan, Deborah L; Conery, Annie L; Ausubel, Frederick MPLoS pathogens2014 Maye100414324875643
Sirtuin inhibitors as anticancer agents.Hu, Jing; Jing, Hui; Lin, HeningFuture medicinal chemistry2014 May945-6624962284
Induced neuronal reprogramming.Ang, Cheen Euong; Wernig, MariusThe Journal of comparative neurology2014 Apr 27NULL24771471
Induction of retinal progenitors and neurons from mammalian Muller glia under defined conditions.Zhao, Jack Jiagang; Ouyang, Hong; Luo, Jing; Patel, Sherrina; Xue, Yuanchao; Quach, John; Sfeir, Nicole; Zhang, Meixia; Fu, Xiangdong; Ding, Sheng; Chen, Shaochen; Zhang, KangThe Journal of biological chemistry2014 Apr 2511945-5124523410
Lassomycin, a Ribosomally Synthesized Cyclic Peptide, Kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Targeting the ATP-Dependent Protease ClpC1P1P2.Gavrish, Ekaterina; Sit, Clarissa S; Cao, Shugeng; Kandror, Olga; Spoering, Amy; Peoples, Aaron; Ling, Losee; Fetterman, Ashley; Hughes, Dallas; Bissell, Anthony; Torrey, Heather; Akopian, Tatos; Mueller, Andreas; Epstein, Slava; Goldberg, Alfred; Clardy,Chemistry & biology2014 Apr 24509-1824684906
Alemtuzumab Therapy for Leukemic Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma: Diffuse Erythema as a Positive Predictor of Complete Remission.Watanabe, Rei; Teague, Jessica E; Fisher, David C; Kupper, Thomas S; Clark, Rachael AJAMA dermatology2014 Apr 23NULL24760312
The P7C3 class of neuroprotective compounds exerts antidepressant efficacy in mice by increasing hippocampal neurogenesis.Walker, A K; Rivera, P D; Wang, Q; Chuang, J-C; Tran, S; Osborne-Lawrence, S; Estill, S J; Starwalt, R; Huntington, P; Morlock, L; Naidoo, J; Williams, N S; Ready, J M; Eisch, A J; Pieper, A A; Zigman, J MMolecular psychiatry2014 Apr 22NULL24751964
Magnetic nanosensors optimized for rapid and reversible self-assembly.Rodriguez, Elisenda; Lelyveld, Victor S; Atanasijevic, Tatjana; Okada, Satoshi; Jasanoff, AlanChemical communications (Cambridge, England)2014 Apr 73595-824566735
Polyhedra self-assembled from DNA tripods and characterized with 3D DNA-PAINT.Iinuma, Ryosuke; Ke, Yonggang; Jungmann, Ralf; Schlichthaerle, Thomas; Woehrstein, Johannes B; Yin, PengScience (New York, N.Y.)2014 Apr 465-924625926
Extracellular MicroRNAs Activate Nociceptor Neurons to Elicit Pain via TLR7 and TRPA1.Park, Chul-Kyu; Xu, Zhen-Zhong; Berta, Temugin; Han, Qingjian; Chen, Gang; Liu, Xing-Jun; Ji, Ru-RongNeuron2014 Apr 247-5424698267
A computational model of the response of adherent cells to stretch and changes in substrate stiffness.Parameswaran, Harikrishnan; Lutchen, Kenneth R; Suki, BelaJournal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985)2014 Apr 1825-3424408996
Designing ECM-mimetic materials using protein engineering.Cai, Lei; Heilshorn, Sarah CActa biomaterialia2014 Apr1751-176024365704
Modeling the dynamical effects of anesthesia on brain circuits.Ching, Shinung; Brown, Emery NCurrent opinion in neurobiology2014 Apr116-2224457211
Ectopic transplantation sites for cell-based therapy.DeWard, Aaron D; Komori, Junji; Lagasse, EricCurrent opinion in organ transplantation2014 Apr169-7424480968
Antibody-based tumor vascular theranostics targeting endosialin/TEM1 in a new mouse tumor vascular model.Li, Chunsheng; Chacko, Ann-Marie; Hu, Jia; Hasegawa, Kosei; Swails, Jennifer; Grasso, Luigi; El-Deiry, Wafik S; Nicolaides, Nicholas; Muzykantov, Vladimir R; Divgi, Chaitanya R; Coukos, GeorgeCancer biology & therapy2014 Apr443-5124553243
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