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NIH Director's Early Independence Award Program (96)
Publication TitleAuthorsJournalPublication DatePage NoPubMedID
Regulation of intestinal health and disease by innate lymphoid cells.Sonnenberg, Gregory FInternational immunology2014 Sep501-50724821261
E pluribus unum, no more: from one crystal, many conformations.Woldeyes, Rahel A; Sivak, David A; Fraser, James SCurrent opinion in structural biology2014 Aug 856-6225113271
Quantification of left ventricular volumes, mass, and ejection fraction using cine displacement encoding with stimulated echoes (DENSE) MRI.Haggerty, Christopher M; Kramer, Sage P; Skrinjar, Oskar; Binkley, Cassi M; Powell, David K; Mattingly, Andrea C; Epstein, Frederick H; Fornwalt, Brandon KJournal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI2014 Aug398-40624923710
Patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot suffer from intra- and inter-ventricular cardiac dyssynchrony: a cardiac magnetic resonance study.Jing, Linyuan; Haggerty, Christopher M; Suever, Jonathan D; Alhadad, Sudad; Prakash, Ashwin; Cecchin, Frank; Skrinjar, Oskar; Geva, Tal; Powell, Andrew J; Fornwalt, Brandon KEuropean heart journal cardiovascular Imaging2014 Jul 4NULL24996664
MODEST: a web-based design tool for oligonucleotide-mediated genome engineering and recombineering.Bonde, Mads T; Klausen, Michael S; Anderson, Mads V; Wallin, Annika I N; Wang, Harris H; Sommer, Morten O ANucleic acids research2014 JulW408-1524838561
The transcription factor Foxp1 is a critical negative regulator of the differentiation of follicular helper T cells.Wang, Haikun; Geng, Jianlin; Wen, Xiaomin; Bi, Enguang; Kossenkov, Andrew V; Wolf, Amaya I; Tas, Jeroen; Choi, Youn Soo; Takata, Hiroshi; Day, Timothy J; Chang, Li-Yuan; Sprout, Stephanie L; Becker, Emily K; Willen, Jessica; Tian, Lifeng; Wang, Xinxin; XiNature immunology2014 Jul667-7524859450
Anatomical localization of commensal bacteria in immune cell homeostasis and disease.Fung, Thomas C; Artis, David; Sonnenberg, Gregory FImmunological reviews2014 Jul35-4924942680
Incorporation of protein flexibility and conformational energy penalties in docking screens to improve ligand discovery.Fischer, Marcus; Coleman, Ryan G; Fraser, James S; Shoichet, Brian KNature chemistry2014 Jul575-8324950326
Long-term effects of the 2003 ACGME resident duty hour reform on hospital mortality.Jena, Anupam B; Prasad, Vinay; Romley, John AMayo Clinic proceedings2014 Jul1023-524996240
Inferring clonal composition from multiple sections of a breast cancer.Zare, Habil; Wang, Junfeng; Hu, Alex; Weber, Kris; Smith, Josh; Nickerson, Debbie; Song, ChaoZhong; Witten, Daniela; Blau, C Anthony; Noble, William StaffordPLoS computational biology2014 Jule100370325010360
Direct Mutagenesis of Thousands of Genomic Targets Using Microarray-Derived Oligonucleotides.Bonde, Mads T; Kosuri, Sriram; Genee, Hans J; Sarup-Lytzen, Kira; Church, George M; Sommer, Morten O A; Wang, Harris HACS synthetic biology2014 Jun 20NULL24856730
Crystal Cryocooling Distorts Conformational Heterogeneity in a Model Michaelis Complex of DHFR.Keedy, Daniel A; van den Bedem, Henry; Sivak, David A; Petsko, Gregory A; Ringe, Dagmar; Wilson, Mark A; Fraser, James SStructure (London, England : 1993)2014 Jun 10899-91024882744
A Pair of RNA-Binding Proteins Controls Networks of Splicing Events Contributing to Specialization of Neural Cell Types.Norris, Adam D; Gao, Shangbang; Norris, Megan L; Ray, Debashish; Ramani, Arun K; Fraser, Andrew G; Morris, Quaid; Hughes, Timothy R; Zhen, Mei; Calarco, John AMolecular cell2014 Jun 4NULL24910101
The Declining Demand for Hospital Care as a Rationale for Duty Hour Reform.Jena, Anupam B; DePasse, Jacqueline W; Prasad, VinayJournal of general internal medicine2014 May 28NULL24866469
RIP1 suppresses innate immune necrotic as well as apoptotic cell death during mammalian parturition.Kaiser, William J; Daley-Bauer, Lisa P; Thapa, Roshan J; Mandal, Pratyusha; Berger, Scott B; Huang, Chunzi; Sundararajan, Aarthi; Guo, Hongyan; Roback, Linda; Speck, Samuel H; Bertin, John; Gough, Peter J; Balachandran, Siddharth; Mocarski, Edward SProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 May 277753-824821786
Syntrophic exchange in synthetic microbial communities.Mee, Michael T; Collins, James J; Church, George M; Wang, Harris HProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 May 20E2149-5624778240
Combinatorial therapy discovery using mixed integer linear programming.Pang, Kaifang; Wan, Ying-Wooi; Choi, William T; Donehower, Lawrence A; Sun, Jingchun; Pant, Dhruv; Liu, ZhandongBioinformatics (Oxford, England)2014 May 151456-6324463180
Cutting Edge: RIP1 Kinase Activity Is Dispensable for Normal Development but Is a Key Regulator of Inflammation in SHARPIN-Deficient Mice.Berger, Scott B; Kasparcova, Viera; Hoffman, Sandy; Swift, Barb; Dare, Lauren; Schaeffer, Michelle; Capriotti, Carol; Cook, Michael; Finger, Joshua; Hughes-Earle, Angela; Harris, Philip A; Kaiser, William J; Mocarski, Edward S; Bertin, John; Gough, Peter Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)2014 May 12NULL24821972
A versatile framework for microbial engineering using synthetic non-coding RNAs.Qi, Lei S; Arkin, Adam PNature reviews. Microbiology2014 May341-5424736794
Medical professional liability risk among US cardiologists.Mangalmurti, Sandeep; Seabury, Seth A; Chandra, Amitabh; Lakdawalla, Darius; Oetgen, William J; Jena, Anupam BAmerican heart journal2014 May690-624766979
A versatile framework for microbial engineering using synthetic non-coding RNAs.Qi, Lei S; Arkin, Adam PNature reviews. Microbiology2014 May341-5424847554
Clonal and cellular dynamics in germinal centers.Victora, Gabriel D; Mesin, LukaCurrent opinion in immunology2014 Mar 2690-9624681449
Prion-like polymerization underlies signal transduction in antiviral immune defense and inflammasome activation.Cai, Xin; Chen, Jueqi; Xu, Hui; Liu, Siqi; Jiang, Qiu-Xing; Halfmann, Randal; Chen, Zhijian JCell2014 Mar 131207-2224630723
A general framework for estimating the relative pathogenicity of human genetic variants.Kircher, Martin; Witten, Daniela M; Jain, Preti; O'Roak, Brian J; Cooper, Gregory M; Shendure, JayNature genetics2014 Mar310-524487276
True grit: programmed necrosis in antiviral host defense, inflammation, and immunogenicity.Mocarski, Edward S; Kaiser, William J; Livingston-Rosanoff, Devon; Upton, Jason W; Daley-Bauer, Lisa PJournal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)2014 Mar 12019-2624563506
Regulation of the adaptive immune system by innate lymphoid cells.Hepworth, Matthew R; Sonnenberg, Gregory FCurrent opinion in immunology2014 Mar 175-8224594491
The joint graphical lasso for inverse covariance estimation across multiple classes.Danaher, Patrick; Wang, Pei; Witten, Daniela MJournal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B, Statistical methodology2014 Mar373-39724817823
Graph Estimation with Joint Additive Models.Voorman, Arend; Shojaie, Ali; Witten, DanielaBiometrika2014 Mar 185-10125013234
The Cluster Elastic Net for High-Dimensional Regression With Unknown Variable Grouping.Witten, Daniela M; Shojaie, Ali; Zhang, FanTechnometrics : a journal of statistics for the physical, chemical, and engineering sciences2014 Feb 20112-12224817772
Diffuse x-ray scattering to model protein motions.Wall, Michael E; Adams, Paul D; Fraser, James S; Sauter, Nicholas KStructure (London, England : 1993)2014 Feb 4182-424507780
Integrated description of protein dynamics from room-temperature X-ray crystallography and NMR.Fenwick, R Bryn; van den Bedem, Henry; Fraser, James S; Wright, Peter EProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 Jan 28E445-5424474795
Does the Declining Lethality of Gunshot Injuries Mask a Rising Epidemic of Gun Violence in the United States?Jena, Anupam B; Sun, Eric C; Prasad, VinayJournal of general internal medicine2014 Jan 23NULL24452421
Protein structural ensembles are revealed by redefining X-ray electron density noise.Lang, P Therese; Holton, James M; Fraser, James S; Alber, TomProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 Jan 7237-4224363322
Careful use of science to advance the debate on the UK Cancer Drugs Fund.Lakdawalla, Darius N; Jena, Anupam B; Doctor, Jason NJAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association2014 Jan 125-624381964
Animal reservoir, natural and socioeconomic variations and the transmission of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Chenzhou, China, 2006-2010.Xiao, Hong; Tian, Huai-Yu; Gao, Li-Dong; Liu, Hai-Ning; Duan, Liang-Song; Basta, Nicole; Cazelles, Bernard; Li, Xiu-Jun; Lin, Xiao-Ling; Wu, Hong-Wei; Chen, Bi-Yun; Yang, Hui-Suo; Xu, Bing; Grenfell, BryanPLoS neglected tropical diseases2014 Jane261524421910
Opioid prescribing by multiple providers in Medicare: retrospective observational study of insurance claims.Jena, Anupam B; Goldman, Dana; Weaver, Lesley; Karaca-Mandic, PinarBMJ (Clinical research ed.)2014g139324553363
Fusion FISH imaging: single-molecule detection of gene fusion transcripts in situ.Markey, Fatu Badiane; Ruezinsky, William; Tyagi, Sanjay; Batish, MonaPloS one2014e9348824675777
Porphyrin-phospholipid liposomes permeabilized by near-infrared light.Carter, Kevin A; Shao, Shuai; Hoopes, Matthew I; Luo, Dandan; Ahsan, Bilal; Grigoryants, Vladimir M; Song, Wentao; Huang, Haoyuan; Zhang, Guojian; Pandey, Ravindra K; Geng, Jumin; Pfeifer, Blaine A; Scholes, Charles P; Ortega, Joaquin; Karttunen, Mikko; LNature communications2014354624699423
Exome capture from saliva produces high quality genomic and metagenomic data.Kidd, Jeffrey M; Sharpton, Thomas J; Bobo, Dean; Norman, Paul J; Martin, Alicia R; Carpenter, Meredith L; Sikora, Martin; Gignoux, Christopher R; Nemat-Gorgani, Neda; Adams, Alexandra; Guadalupe, Moraima; Guo, Xiaosen; Feng, Qiang; Li, Yingrui; Liu, Xiao;BMC genomics201426224708091
Alternative splicing regulates vesicular trafficking genes in cardiomyocytes during postnatal heart development.Giudice, Jimena; Xia, Zheng; Wang, Eric T; Scavuzzo, Marissa A; Ward, Amanda J; Kalsotra, Auinash; Wang, Wei; Wehrens, Xander H T; Burge, Christopher B; Li, Wei; Cooper, Thomas ANature communications2014360324752171
Recent progress in engineering human-associated microbiomes.Yaung, Stephanie J; Church, George M; Wang, Harris HMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)201425-Mar24838875
Efficient Genome Engineering of Toxoplasma gondii Using CRISPR/Cas9.Sidik, Saima M; Hackett, Caroline G; Tran, Fanny; Westwood, Nicholas J; Lourido, SebastianPloS one2014e10045024971596
Mortality among high-risk patients with acute myocardial infarction admitted to U.S. Teaching-Intensive Hospitals in July: a retrospective observational study.Jena, Anupam B; Sun, Eric C; Romley, John ACirculation2013 Dec 242754-6324152859
Imaging the glycosylation state of cell surface glycoproteins by two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy.Belardi, Brian; de la Zerda, Adam; Spiciarich, David R; Maund, Sophia L; Peehl, Donna M; Bertozzi, Carolyn RAngewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)2013 Dec 2314045-924259491
Dynamic imaging of genomic loci in living human cells by an optimized CRISPR/Cas system.Chen, Baohui; Gilbert, Luke A; Cimini, Beth A; Schnitzbauer, Joerg; Zhang, Wei; Li, Gene-Wei; Park, Jason; Blackburn, Elizabeth H; Weissman, Jonathan S; Qi, Lei S; Huang, BoCell2013 Dec 191479-9124360272
Histone deacetylase 3 coordinates commensal-bacteria-dependent intestinal homeostasis.Alenghat, Theresa; Osborne, Lisa C; Saenz, Steven A; Kobuley, Dmytro; Ziegler, Carly G K; Mullican, Shannon E; Choi, Inchan; Grunberg, Stephanie; Sinha, Rohini; Wynosky-Dolfi, Meghan; Snyder, Annelise; Giacomin, Paul R; Joyce, Karen L; Hoang, Tram B; BewtNature2013 Dec 5153-724185009
Distinct and overlapping sarcoma subtypes initiated from muscle stem and progenitor cells.Blum, Jordan M; Ano, Leonor; Li, Zhizhong; Van Mater, David; Bennett, Brian D; Sachdeva, Mohit; Lagutina, Irina; Zhang, Minsi; Mito, Jeffrey K; Dodd, Leslie G; Cardona, Diana M; Dodd, Rebecca D; Williams, Nerissa; Ma, Yan; Lepper, Christoph; Linardic, CorCell reports2013 Nov 27933-4024239359
Pd-Porphyrin-Cross-Linked Implantable Hydrogels with Oxygen-Responsive Phosphorescence.Huang, Haoyuan; Song, Wentao; Chen, Guanying; Reynard, Justin M; Ohulchanskyy, Tymish Y; Prasad, Paras N; Bright, Frank V; Lovell, Jonathan FAdvanced healthcare materials2013 Nov 20NULL24259519
Yeast Oligo-Mediated Genome Engineering (YOGE).Dicarlo, James E; Conley, Andrew J; Penttila, Merja; Jantti, Jussi; Wang, Harris H; Church, George MACS synthetic biology2013 Nov 18NULL24160921
Myf5-positive satellite cells contribute to Pax7-dependent long-term maintenance of adult muscle stem cells.Gunther, Stefan; Kim, Johnny; Kostin, Sawa; Lepper, Christoph; Fan, Chen-Ming; Braun, ThomasCell stem cell2013 Nov 7590-60123933088
Apaf1 apoptotic function critically limits Sonic hedgehog signaling during craniofacial development.Long, A B; Kaiser, W J; Mocarski, E S; Caspary, TCell death and differentiation2013 Nov1510-2023892366
Heritable custom genomic modifications in Caenorhabditis elegans via a CRISPR-Cas9 system.Tzur, Yonatan B; Friedland, Ari E; Nadarajan, Saravanapriah; Church, George M; Calarco, John A; Colaiacovo, Monica PGenetics2013 Nov1181-523979579
Proapoptotic chemotherapeutic drugs induce noncanonical processing and release of IL-1* via caspase-8 in dendritic cells.Antonopoulos, Christina; El Sanadi, Caroline; Kaiser, William J; Mocarski, Edward S; Dubyak, George RJournal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)2013 Nov 14789-80324078693
CRISPR interference (CRISPRi) for sequence-specific control of gene expression.Larson, Matthew H; Gilbert, Luke A; Wang, Xiaowo; Lim, Wendell A; Weissman, Jonathan S; Qi, Lei SNature protocols2013 Nov2180-9624136345
Editorial: New tricks for innate lymphoid cells.Sonnenberg, Gregory FJournal of leukocyte biology2013 Nov862-424179147
Toll-like receptor 3-mediated necrosis via TRIF, RIP3, and MLKL.Kaiser, William J; Sridharan, Haripriya; Huang, Chunzi; Mandal, Pratyusha; Upton, Jason W; Gough, Peter J; Sehon, Clark A; Marquis, Robert W; Bertin, John; Mocarski, Edward SThe Journal of biological chemistry2013 Oct 2531268-7924019532
Genomically recoded organisms expand biological functions.Lajoie, Marc J; Rovner, Alexis J; Goodman, Daniel B; Aerni, Hans-Rudolf; Haimovich, Adrian D; Kuznetsov, Gleb; Mercer, Jaron A; Wang, Harris H; Carr, Peter A; Mosberg, Joshua A; Rohland, Nadin; Schultz, Peter G; Jacobson, Joseph M; Rinehart, Jesse; ChurchScience (New York, N.Y.)2013 Oct 18357-6024136966
From Structure to Systems: High-Resolution, Quantitative Genetic Analysis of RNA Polymerase II.Braberg, Hannes; Jin, Huiyan; Moehle, Erica A; Chan, Yujia A; Wang, Shuyi; Shales, Michael; Benschop, Joris J; Morris, John H; Qiu, Chenxi; Hu, Fuqu; Tang, Leung K; Fraser, James S; Holstege, Frank C P; Hieter, Philip; Guthrie, Christine; Kaplan, Craig D;Cell2013 Aug 15775-8823932120
T follicular helper cell dynamics in germinal centers.Shulman, Ziv; Gitlin, Alexander D; Targ, Sasha; Jankovic, Mila; Pasqual, Giulia; Nussenzweig, Michel C; Victora, Gabriel DScience (New York, N.Y.)2013 Aug 9673-723887872
Sequencing Y chromosomes resolves discrepancy in time to common ancestor of males versus females.Poznik, G David; Henn, Brenna M; Yee, Muh-Ching; Sliwerska, Elzbieta; Euskirchen, Ghia M; Lin, Alice A; Snyder, Michael; Quintana-Murci, Lluis; Kidd, Jeffrey M; Underhill, Peter A; Bustamante, Carlos DScience (New York, N.Y.)2013 Aug 2562-523908239
Meningococcal carriage in the African meningitis belt.MenAfriCar Consortium; Ali, Oumer; Aseffa, Abraham; Bedru, Ahmed; Lemma, Tsehaynesh; Moti, Tesfaye; Workhu, Alemayehu; Guebre Xabher, Haimanot; Yamuah, Lawrence; Boukary, Rahamatou Moustapha; Collard, Jean-Marc; Dano, Ibrahim Dan; Habiboulaye, Ibrahim; IsTropical medicine & international health : TM & IH2013 Aug968-7823682910
Heritable genome editing in C. elegans via a CRISPR-Cas9 system.Friedland, Ari E; Tzur, Yonatan B; Esvelt, Kevin M; Colaiacovo, Monica P; Church, George M; Calarco, John ANature methods2013 Aug741-323817069
Automated identification of functional dynamic contact networks from X-ray crystallography.van den Bedem, Henry; Bhabha, Gira; Yang, Kun; Wright, Peter E; Fraser, James SNature methods2013 Aug896-90223913260
The Xist lncRNA Exploits Three-Dimensional Genome Architecture to Spread Across the X Chromosome.Engreitz, Jesse M; Pandya-Jones, Amy; McDonel, Patrick; Shishkin, Alexander; Sirokman, Klara; Surka, Christine; Kadri, Sabah; Xing, Jeffrey; Goren, Alon; Lander, Eric S; Plath, Kathrin; Guttman, MitchellScience (New York, N.Y.)2013 Jul 4NULL23828888
Ribosome profiling provides evidence that large noncoding RNAs do not encode proteins.Guttman, Mitchell; Russell, Pamela; Ingolia, Nicholas T; Weissman, Jonathan S; Lander, Eric SCell2013 Jul 3240-5123810193
Innate lymphoid cells regulate CD4+ T-cell responses to intestinal commensal bacteria.Hepworth, Matthew R; Monticelli, Laurel A; Fung, Thomas C; Ziegler, Carly G K; Grunberg, Stephanie; Sinha, Rohini; Mantegazza, Adriana R; Ma, Hak-Ling; Crawford, Alison; Angelosanto, Jill M; Wherry, E John; Koni, Pandelakis A; Bushman, Frederic D; Elson, Nature2013 Jun 6113-723698371
Viral modulation of programmed necrosis.Kaiser, William J; Upton, Jason W; Mocarski, Edward SCurrent opinion in virology2013 Jun296-30623773332
T cell factor 1 is required for group 2 innate lymphoid cell generation.Yang, Qi; Monticelli, Laurel A; Saenz, Steven A; Chi, Anthony Wei-Shine; Sonnenberg, Gregory F; Tang, Jiangbo; De Obaldia, Maria Elena; Bailis, Will; Bryson, Jerrod L; Toscano, Kristin; Huang, Jian; Haczku, Angela; Pear, Warren S; Artis, David; Bhandoola,Immunity2013 Apr 18694-70423601684
Heritable remodeling of yeast multicellularity by an environmentally responsive prion.Holmes, Daniel L; Lancaster, Alex K; Lindquist, Susan; Halfmann, RandalCell2013 Mar 28153-6523540696
Priorities for research on meningococcal disease and the impact of serogroup A vaccination in the African meningitis belt.Dakar discussion group on priorities for research on epidemic meningococcal disease in Africa; Altmann, Danny; Aseffa, Abraham; Bash, Margaret; Basta, Nicole; Borrow, Ray; Broome, Claire; Caugant, Dominique; Clark, Tom; Collard, Jean-Marc; Djingarey, MamoVaccine2013 Mar 11453-723273967
Resistin-like molecule ýý promotes pathogenic Th17 cell responses and bacterial-induced intestinal inflammation.Osborne, Lisa C; Joyce, Karen L; Alenghat, Theresa; Sonnenberg, Gregory F; Giacomin, Paul R; Du, Yurong; Bergstrom, Kirk S; Vallance, Bruce A; Nair, Meera GJournal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)2013 Mar 12292-30023355735
TSLP elicits IL-33-independent innate lymphoid cell responses to promote skin inflammation.Kim, Brian S; Siracusa, Mark C; Saenz, Steven A; Noti, Mario; Monticelli, Laurel A; Sonnenberg, Gregory F; Hepworth, Matthew R; Van Voorhees, Abby S; Comeau, Michael R; Artis, DavidScience translational medicine2013 Jan 30170ra1623363980
From systems to structure: bridging networks and mechanism.Fraser, James S; Gross, John D; Krogan, Nevan JMolecular cell2013 Jan 24222-3123352243
Genome-scale engineering for systems and synthetic biology.Esvelt, Kevin M; Wang, Harris HMolecular systems biology201364123340847
Flexible backbone sampling methods to model and design protein alternative conformations.Ollikainen, Noah; Smith, Colin A; Fraser, James S; Kortemme, TanjaMethods in enzymology201361-8523422426
Penalized unsupervised learning with outliers.Witten, Daniela MStatistics and its interface2013211-22123875057
Reproducibility of cine displacement encoding with stimulated echoes (DENSE) cardiovascular magnetic resonance for measuring left ventricular strains, torsion, and synchrony in mice.Haggerty, Christopher M; Kramer, Sage P; Binkley, Cassi M; Powell, David K; Mattingly, Andrea C; Charnigo, Richard; Epstein, Frederick H; Fornwalt, Brandon KJournal of cardiovascular magnetic resonance : official journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance20137123981339
Methods for identifying Neisseria meningitidis carriers: a multi-center study in the African meningitis belt.Basta, Nicole E; Stuart, James M; Nascimento, Maria C; Manigart, Olivier; Trotter, Caroline; Hassan-King, Musa; Chandramohan, Daniel; Sow, Samba O; Berthe, Abdoulaye; Bedru, Ahmed; Tekletsion, Yenenesh K; Collard, Jean-Marc; Jusot, Jean-Francois; Diallo, PloS one2013e7833624194921
Obesity reduces left ventricular strains, torsion, and synchrony in mouse models: a cine displacement encoding with stimulated echoes (DENSE) cardiovascular magnetic resonance study.Kramer, Sage P; Powell, David K; Haggerty, Christopher M; Binkley, Cassi M; Mattingly, Andrea C; Cassis, Lisa A; Epstein, Frederick H; Fornwalt, Brandon KJournal of cardiovascular magnetic resonance : official journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance201310924380567
Innate lymphoid cell interactions with microbiota: implications for intestinal health and disease.Sonnenberg, Gregory F; Artis, DavidImmunity2012 Oct 19601-1023084357
The satellite cell builds its nest under Notch's guidance.Lepper, Christoph; Low, SiewHui; Partridge, Terence ACell stem cell2012 Oct 5443-423040471
Engineering ecosystems and synthetic ecologies.Mee, Michael T; Wang, Harris HMolecular bioSystems2012 Oct2470-8322722235
CheShift-2 resolves a local inconsistency between two X-ray crystal structures.Vila, Jorge A; Sue, Shih-Che; Fraser, James S; Scheraga, Harold A; Dyson, H JaneJournal of biomolecular NMR2012 Oct193-822945426
Prion formation by a yeast GLFG nucleoporin.Halfmann, Randal; Wright, Jessica R; Alberti, Simon; Lindquist, Susan; Rexach, MichaelPrion2012 Sep-Oct391-922561191
Enhanced multiplex genome engineering through co-operative oligonucleotide co-selection.Carr, Peter A; Wang, Harris H; Sterling, Bram; Isaacs, Farren J; Lajoie, Marc J; Xu, George; Church, George M; Jacobson, Joseph MNucleic acids research2012 Sep 1e13222638574
Role of satellite cells versus myofibers in muscle hypertrophy induced by inhibition of the myostatin/activin signaling pathway.Lee, Se-Jin; Huynh, Thanh V; Lee, Yun-Sil; Sebald, Suzanne M; Wilcox-Adelman, Sarah A; Iwamori, Naoki; Lepper, Christoph; Matzuk, Martin M; Fan, Chen-MingProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2012 Aug 28E2353-6022869749
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Linking data and models: the importance of statistical analyses to inform models for the transmission dynamics of infections.Pitzer, Virginia E; Basta, Nicole EEpidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.)2012 Jul520-222659545
Global connectivity of prefrontal cortex predicts cognitive control and intelligence.Cole, Michael W; Yarkoni, Tal; Repovs, Grega; Anticevic, Alan; Braver, Todd SThe Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience2012 Jun 278988-9922745498
Genome-scale promoter engineering by coselection MAGE.Wang, Harris H; Kim, Hwangbeom; Cong, Le; Jeong, Jaehwan; Bang, Duhee; Church, George MNature methods2012 Jun591-322484848
On the assessment of statistical significance of three-dimensional colocalization of sets of genomic elements.Witten, Daniela M; Noble, William StaffordNucleic acids research2012 May3849-5522266657
Massively parallel functional dissection of mammalian enhancers in vivo.Patwardhan, Rupali P; Hiatt, Joseph B; Witten, Daniela M; Kim, Mee J; Smith, Robin P; May, Dalit; Lee, Choli; Andrie, Jennifer M; Lee, Su-In; Cooper, Gregory M; Ahituv, Nadav; Pennacchio, Len A; Shendure, JayNature biotechnology2012 Mar265-7022371081
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RIP3 mediates the embryonic lethality of caspase-8-deficient mice.Kaiser, William J; Upton, Jason W; Long, Alyssa B; Livingston-Rosanoff, Devon; Daley-Bauer, Lisa P; Hakem, Razqallah; Caspary, Tamara; Mocarski, Edward SNature2011 Mar 17368-7221368762

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