Data Releases

Data releases are accessible through the MoTrPAC Data Hub maintained by the MoTrPAC BioInformatics Center.

Accessing Data:
The first MoTrPAC public data release is now available. Please note the currently available animal dataset (Release 1.0) is not final. Specifically, data from more tissues will be added; and the current control dataset is limited in its coverage of fasting times and sacrifice time of day, which can confound the results when comparing to the exercised rats.  Additional data will be made available in future releases.

Please agree to the data use agreement and register for an account on the Data Access page if you are interested in obtaining access to the data. For updates when subsequent publicly accessible data become available, please contact the MoTrPAC Bioinformatics Center helpdesk at MoTrPAC Helpdesk.

This page last reviewed on February 14, 2020