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Global Health (29)
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Predictors of unknown HIV serostatus at the time of labor and delivery in Kampala, Uganda.Ononge, Sam; Karamagi, Charles; Nakabiito, Clemensia; Wandabwa, Julius; Mirembe, Florence; Rukundo, Godfrey Z; Jennings, LarissaInternational journal of gynaecology and obstetrics: the official organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics2014 Mar235-924290059
Management of rheumatic heart disease in uganda: the emerging epidemic of non-AIDS comorbidity in resource-limited settings.Longenecker, Chris T; Okello, Emmy; Lwabi, Peter; Costa, Marco A; Simon, Daniel I; Salata, Robert AJournal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999)2014 Feb 1e79-8024442227
Doctoral training in Uganda: evaluation of mentoring best practices at Makerere university college of health sciences.Nakanjako, Damalie; Katamba, Achilles; Kaye, Dan K; Okello, Elialilia; Kamya, Moses R; Sewankambo, Nelson; Mayanja-Kizza, HarrietBMC medical education2014924410984
Prevalence and factors associated with use of herbal medicine among women attending an infertility clinic in Uganda.Kaadaaga, Henry Francisco; Ajeani, Judith; Ononge, Sam; Alele, Paul E; Nakasujja, Noeline; Manabe, Yukari C; Kakaire, OthmanBMC complementary and alternative medicine20142724433549
Incidence and Prevalence of Intrasubtype HIV-1 Dual Infection in At-Risk Men in the United States.Wagner, Gabriel A; Pacold, Mary E; Kosakovsky Pond, Sergei L; Caballero, Gemma; Chaillon, Antoine; Rudolph, Abby E; Morris, Sheldon R; Little, Susan J; Richman, Douglas D; Smith, Davey MThe Journal of infectious diseases2013 Dec 13NULL24273040
Strengthening research capacity through the medical education partnership initiative: the Mozambique experience.Noormahomed, Emilia Virginia; Mocumbi, Ana Olga; Preziosi, Michael; Damasceno, Albertino; Bickler, Stephen; Smith, David M; Funzamo, Carlos; Aronoff-Spencer, Eliah; Badaro, Roberto; Mabila, Francisco; Bila, David; Nguenha, Alcido; Do Rosario, Virgilio; BeHuman resources for health2013 Dec 56224304706
Cardiovascular risk in Mozambique: who should be treated for hypertension?Damasceno, Albertino; Padrao, Patricia; Silva-Matos, Carla; Prista, Antonio; Azevedo, Ana; Lunet, NunoJournal of hypertension2013 Dec2348-5524220589
Real-world impact of neurocognitive deficits in acute and early HIV infection.Doyle, Katie L; Morgan, Erin E; Morris, Sheldon; Smith, Davey M; Little, Susan; Iudicello, Jennifer E; Blackstone, Kaitlin; Moore, David J; Grant, Igor; Letendre, Scott L; Woods, Steven Paul; Translational Methamphetamine AIDS Research Center (TMARC) GrouJournal of neurovirology2013 Dec565-7324277439
Human papillomaviruses in intraepithelial neoplasia and squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva: a study from Mozambique.Carrilho, Carla; Gouveia, Patricia; Yokohama, Hideki; Lopes, Jose M; Lunet, Nuno; Ferro, Josefo; Ismail, Mamudo; Walboomers, Jan; Sobrinho-Simoes, Manuel; David, LeonorEuropean journal of cancer prevention : the official journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP)2013 Nov566-823752127
Further characterization of Tsol-p27 as a diagnostic antigen in sub-Saharan Africa.Nhancupe, Noemia; Salazar-Anton, Fernando; Noormahomed, Emilia Virginia; Afonso, Sonia; Lindh, JohanExperimental parasitology2013 Nov573-924042013
HIV and HPV infections and ocular surface squamous neoplasia: systematic review and meta-analysis.Carreira, H; Coutinho, F; Carrilho, C; Lunet, NBritish journal of cancer2013 Oct 11981-824030075
Overnight soaking or boiling of "Matooke" to reduce potassium content for patients with chronic kidney disease: does it really work?Asiimwe, J; Sembajwe, L F; Senoga, A; Bakiika, E; Muwonge, H; Kalyesubula, RAfrican health sciences2013 Sep546-5024250286
Predictors and pregnancy outcomes associated with a newborn birth weight of 4000 g or more in Lusaka, Zambia.Liu, Katherine C; Joseph, Jessica A; Nkole, Theresa B; Kaunda, Eugine; Stringer, Jeffrey S A; Chi, Benjamin H; Stringer, Elizabeth MInternational journal of gynaecology and obstetrics: the official organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics2013 Aug150-523669164
Using ultradeep pyrosequencing to study HIV-1 coreceptor usage in primary and dual infection.Wagner, Gabriel A; Pacold, Mary E; Vigil, Edgar; Caballero, Gemma; Morris, Sheldon R; Kosakovsky Pond, Sergei L; Little, Susan J; Richman, Douglas D; Gianella, Sara; Smith, Davey MThe Journal of infectious diseases2013 Jul 15271-423599311
Proceedings of the 4th annual meeting of the Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP): building sustainable surgical systems.Bickler, Stephen W; McQueen, KellyWorld journal of surgery2013 Jul1460-123592056
Trends in HIV counseling and testing uptake among married individuals in Rakai, Uganda.Matovu, Joseph K; Denison, Julie; Wanyenze, Rhoda K; Ssekasanvu, Joseph; Makumbi, Fredrick; Ovuga, Emilio; McGrath, Nuala; Serwadda, DavidBMC public health2013 Jul 161823816253
Chronic khat (Catha edulis) and alcohol marginally alter complete blood counts, clinical chemistry, and testosterone in male rats.Alele, Paul E; Ajayi, Abayomi M; Imanirampa, LawrenceJournal of experimental pharmacology2013 Jun 24NULL24348075
Timing and reasons for coming late for the first antenatal care visit by pregnant women at Mulago hospital, Kampala Uganda.Kisuule, Ivan; Kaye, Dan K; Najjuka, Florence; Ssematimba, Stephen K; Arinda, Anita; Nakitende, Gloria; Otim, LawrenceBMC pregnancy and childbirth2013 May 2512123706142
Cardiovascular complications in newly diagnosed rheumatic heart disease patients at Mulago Hospital, Uganda.Okello, Emmy; Wanzhu, Zhang; Musoke, Charles; Twalib, Aliku; Kakande, Barbara; Lwabi, Peter; Wilson, Nyakoojo B; Mondo, Charles K; Odoi-Adome, R; Freers, JuergenCardiovascular journal of Africa2013 Apr80-523736132
The Effect of Season and Temperature Variation on Hospital Admissions for Incident Stroke Events in Maputo, Mozambique.Gomes, Joana; Damasceno, Albertino; Carrilho, Carla; Lobo, Vitoria; Lopes, Helder; Madede, Tavares; Pravinrai, Pius; Silva-Matos, Carla; Diogo, Domingos; Azevedo, Ana; Lunet, NunoJournal of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official journal of National Stroke Association2013 Mar 20NULL23523200
Substance use is a risk factor for neurocognitive deficits and neuropsychiatric distress in acute and early HIV infection.Weber, Erica; Morgan, Erin E; Iudicello, Jennifer E; Blackstone, Kaitlin; Grant, Igor; Ellis, Ronald J; Letendre, Scott L; Little, Susan; Morris, Sheldon; Smith, Davey M; Moore, David J; Woods, Steven Paul; TMARC GroupJournal of neurovirology2013 Feb65-7423250704
Simultaneous presentation of Kaposi sarcoma and HHV8-associated large B-cell lymphoma in the same lymph node: A rare diagnosis in an HIV-negative patient.Fernandes, Fabiola; Eloy, Catarina; Carimo, Awa; Pinto, Paula; Graves, Susannah; Simoes, Joana; Carrilho, Carla; Lopes, Jose ManuelThe American journal of case reports2013263-623885287
Hypertension awareness, treatment and control in Africa: a systematic review.Kayima, James; Wanyenze, Rhoda K; Katamba, Achilles; Leontsini, Elli; Nuwaha, FredBMC cardiovascular disorders20135423915151
Diagnosis of alcohol misuse and alcoholic liver disease among patients in the medical emergency admission service of a large urban hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa; a cross sectional study.Opio, Christopher Kenneth; Seremba, Emmanuel; Ocama, Ponciano; Lalitha, Rejani; Kagimu, Magid; Lee, William MartensThe Pan African medical journal20132324009799
A missed diagnosis or a masquerading disease: back to the basics.Lalitha, Rejani; Opio, Christopher KennethThe Pan African medical journal20132924009805
Brief tool to measure risk-adjusted surgical outcomes in resource-limited hospitals.Anderson, Jamie E; Lassiter, Randi; Bickler, Stephen W; Talamini, Mark A; Chang, David CArchives of surgery (Chicago, Ill. : 1960)2012 Sep798-80322987164
Optimizing clinical operations as part of a global emergency medicine initiative in Kumasi, Ghana: application of Lean manufacturing principals to low-resource health systems.Carter, Patrick M; Desmond, Jeffery S; Akanbobnaab, Christopher; Oteng, Rockefeller A; Rominski, Sarah D; Barsan, William G; Cunningham, Rebecca MAcademic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine2012 Mar338-4722435868
Rifampicin for continuation phase tuberculosis treatment in Uganda: a cost-effectiveness analysis.Manabe, Yukari C; Hermans, Sabine M; Lamorde, Mohammed; Castelnuovo, Barbara; Mullins, C Daniel; Kuznik, AndreasPloS one2012e3918722723960
Socioeconomic and environmental risk factors among rheumatic heart disease patients in Uganda.Okello, Emmy; Kakande, Barbara; Sebatta, Elias; Kayima, James; Kuteesa, Monica; Mutatina, Boniface; Nyakoojo, Wilson; Lwabi, Peter; Mondo, Charles K; Odoi-Adome, Richard; Juergen, FreersPloS one2012e4391722952810

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