NIH Director’s Transformative Research Awards (3374)
Publication TitleAuthorsJournalPublication DatePage NoPubMedID
Broad-spectrum antiviral inhibitors targeting pandemic potential RNA viruses.Garcia, Gustavo; Irudayam, Joseph Ignatius; Jeyachandran, Arjit Vijay; Dubey, Swati; Chang, Christina; Cario, Sebastian Castillo; Price, Nate; Arumugam, Sathya; Marquez, Angelica L; Shah, Aayushi; Fanaei, Amir; Chakravarty, Nikhil; Joshi, Shantanu; Sinha, Sanjeev; French, Samuel W; Parcells, Mark; Ramaiah, Arunachalam; Arumugaswami, VaithilingarajabioRxiv : the preprint server for biology2023 Jan 2036711787
An atlas of lamina-associated chromatin across twelve human cell types reveals an intermediate chromatin subtype.Shah, Parisha P; Keough, Kathleen C; Gjoni, Ketrin; Santini, Garrett T; Abdill, Richard J; Wickramasinghe, Nadeera M; Dundes, Carolyn E; Karnay, Ashley; Chen, Angela; Salomon, Rachel E A; Walsh, Patrick J; Nguyen, Son C; Whalen, Sean; Joyce, Eric F; Loh, Kyle M; Dubois, Nicole; Pollard, Katherine S; Jain, RajanGenome biology2023 Jan 231636691074
Ozone Disinfection for Elimination of Bacteria and Degradation of SARS-CoV2 RNA for Medical Environments.Westover, Craig; Rahmatulloev, Savlatjon; Danko, David; Afshin, Evan E; O'Hara, Niamh B; Ounit, Rachid; Bezdan, Daniela; Mason, Christopher EGenes2022 Dec 2836672826
Variable selection with multiply-imputed datasets: choosing between stacked and grouped methods.Du, Jiacong; Boss, Jonathan; Han, Peisong; Beesley, Lauren J; Kleinsasser, Michael; Goutman, Stephen A; Batterman, Stuart; Feldman, Eva L; Mukherjee, BhramarJournal of computational and graphical statistics : a joint publication of American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Interface Foundation of North America20221063-107536644406
Systems Biology Analysis of Temporal Dynamics That Govern Endothelial Response to Cyclic Stretch.Lai, Michael W; Chow, Nathan; Checco, Antonio; Kunar, Balvir; Redmond, David; Rafii, Shahin; Rabbany, Sina YBiomolecules2022 Dec 0836551265
pH-Responsive Charge-Conversion Progelator Peptides.Carlini, Andrea S; Choi, Wonmin; McCallum, Naneki C; Gianneschi, Nathan CAdvanced functional materials2021 Mar 2436530181
An in silico method to assess antibody fragment polyreactivity.Harvey, Edward P; Shin, Jung-Eun; Skiba, Meredith A; Nemeth, Genevieve R; Hurley, Joseph D; Wellner, Alon; Shaw, Ada Y; Miranda, Victor G; Min, Joseph K; Liu, Chang C; Marks, Debora S; Kruse, Andrew CNature communications2022 Dec 07755436477674
Allelic correlation is a marker of trade-offs between barriers to transmission of expression variability and signal responsiveness in genetic networks.Boe, Ryan H; Ayyappan, Vinay; Schuh, Lea; Raj, ArjunCell systems2022 Dec 2136450286
Simultaneous mapping of 3D structure and nascent RNAs argues against nuclear compartments that preclude transcription.Goronzy, Isabel N; Quinodoz, Sofia A; Jachowicz, Joanna W; Ollikainen, Noah; Bhat, Prashant; Guttman, MitchellCell reports2022 Nov 2936450242
Weapons of stress reduction: (R,S)-ketamine and its metabolites as prophylactics for the prevention of stress-induced psychiatric disorders.Chen, Briana K; Denny, Christine ANeuropharmacology2023 Feb 1510934536427554
Identifying Common Molecular Mechanisms in Experimental and Human Acute Kidney Injury.Gerhardt, Louisa M S; McMahon, Andrew PSeminars in nephrology2022 May15128636402654
Flexible and Implantable Polyimide Aptamer-Field-Effect Transistor Biosensors.Zhao, Chuanzhen; Man, Tianxing; Cao, Yan; Weiss, Paul S; Monbouquette, Harold G; Andrews, Anne MACS sensors2022 Dec 233644-365336399772
Extraction and Purification of Single Nuclei from Frozen Human Brain Tissue.Palmer, Carter R; Chun, JeroldMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)202336399263
A Statistical Perspective on the Challenges in Molecular Microbial Biology.Jeganathan, Pratheepa; Holmes, Susan PJournal of agricultural, biological, and environmental statistics2021 Jun36398283
Effect of the intratumoral microbiota on spatial and cellular heterogeneity in cancer.Galeano Niño, Jorge Luis; Wu, Hanrui; LaCourse, Kaitlyn D; Kempchinsky, Andrew G; Baryiames, Alexander; Barber, Brittany; Futran, Neal; Houlton, Jeffrey; Sather, Cassie; Sicinska, Ewa; Taylor, Alison; Minot, Samuel S; Johnston, Christopher D; Bullman, SusanNature2022 Nov36385528
The cancer chemotherapeutic 5-fluorouracil is a potent Fusobacterium nucleatum inhibitor and its activity is modified by intratumoral microbiota.LaCourse, Kaitlyn D; Zepeda-Rivera, Martha; Kempchinsky, Andrew G; Baryiames, Alexander; Minot, Samuel S; Johnston, Christopher D; Bullman, SusanCell reports2022 Nov 1536384132
Genetic architecture of natural variation of cardiac performance from flies to humans.Saha, Saswati; Spinelli, Lionel; Castro Mondragon, Jaime A; Kervadec, Anaïs; Lynott, Michaela; Kremmer, Laurent; Roder, Laurence; Krifa, Sallouha; Torres, Magali; Brun, Christine; Vogler, Georg; Bodmer, Rolf; Colas, Alexandre R; Ocorr, Karen; Perrin, LaurenteLife2022 Nov 1636383075
An automated feeding system for the African killifish reveals effects of dietary restriction on lifespan and allows scalable assessment of associative learning.McKay, Andrew; Costa, Emma K; Chen, Jingxun; Hu, Chi-Kuo; Chen, Xiaoshan; Bedbrook, Claire Nicole; Khondker, Rishad C; Thielvoldt, Mike; Priya Singh, Param; Wyss-Coray, Tony; Brunet, AnneeLife2022 Nov 1036354233
Hippo signaling pathway activation during SARS-CoV-2 infection contributes to host antiviral response.Garcia Jr, Gustavo; Jeyachandran, Arjit Vijey; Wang, Yijie; Irudayam, Joseph Ignatius; Cario, Sebastian Castillo; Sen, Chandani; Li, Shen; Li, Yunfeng; Kumar, Ashok; Nielsen-Saines, Karin; French, Samuel W; Shah, Priya S; Morizono, Kouki; Gomperts, Brigitte N; Deb, Arjun; Ramaiah, Arunachalam; Arumugaswami, VaithilingarajaPLoS biology2022 Nov36346780
IDENTIFIABILITY OF INFECTION MODEL PARAMETERS EARLY IN AN EPIDEMIC.Sauer, Timothy; Berry, Tyrus; Ebeigbe, Donald; Norton, Michael M; Whalen, Andrew J; Schiff, Steven JSIAM journal on control and optimization202236338855
Buffer glucose adjustment affects myocardial function after ischemia-reperfusion in long-term diabetic rat isolated hearts.Balzer, Claudius; Cleveland, William J; Li, Zhu; Riess, Matthias LPhysiological reports2022 1136324287
Scientific opportunities in resilience research for cardiovascular health and wellness. Report from a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute workshop.Taylor, Herman A; Finkel, Toren; Gao, Yunling; Ballinger, Scott W; Campo, Rebecca; Chen, Rong; Chen, Shu Hui; Davidson, Karina; Iruela-Arispe, M Luisa; Jaquish, Cashell; LeBrasseur, Nathan K; Odden, Michelle C; Papanicolaou, George J; Picard, Martin; Srinivas, Pothur; Tjurmina, Olga; Wolz, Michael; Galis, Zorina SFASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology2022 Dec36322029
Body mass index associates with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis survival and metabolomic profiles.Goutman, Stephen A; Boss, Jonathan; Iyer, Gayatri; Habra, Hani; Savelieff, Masha G; Karnovsky, Alla; Mukherjee, Bhramar; Feldman, Eva LMuscle & nerve2022 Nov 0236321729
High-throughput sequencing of single neuron projections reveals spatial organization in the olfactory cortex.Chen, Yushu; Chen, Xiaoyin; Baserdem, Batuhan; Zhan, Huiqing; Li, Yan; Davis, Martin B; Kebschull, Justus M; Zador, Anthony M; Koulakov, Alexei A; Albeanu, Dinu FCell2022 Oct 2736306734
Series of virtual light therapy interventions for fatigue: a feasibility pilot study protocol for a series of personalised (N-of-1) trials.Butler, Mark; D'Angelo, Stefani; Lewis, Courtney; Miller, Danielle; Perrin, Alexandra; Suls, Jerry; Chandereng, Thevaa; Cheung, Ying Kuen; Davidson, Karina WBMJ open2022 10 2536283748
ClampFISH 2.0 enables rapid, scalable amplified RNA detection in situ.Dardani, Ian; Emert, Benjamin L; Goyal, Yogesh; Jiang, Connie L; Kaur, Amanpreet; Lee, Jasmine; Rouhanifard, Sara H; Alicea, Gretchen M; Fane, Mitchell E; Xiao, Min; Herlyn, Meenhard; Weeraratna, Ashani T; Raj, ArjunNature methods2022 Nov36280724
Assessing the Validity of the Ask Suicide-Screening Questions in Black Youth.Horowitz, Lisa M; Mournet, Annabelle M; Sheftall, Arielle; He, Jian-Ping; Lowry, Nathan J; Aguinaldo, Laika D; Sullivant, Shayla A; Wharff, Elizabeth A; Merikangas, Kathleen R; Pao, Maryland; Bridge, Jeffrey AJournal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry2022 Oct 2036273745
Spatially resolved epigenomic profiling of single cells in complex tissues.Lu, Tian; Ang, Cheen Euong; Zhuang, XiaoweiCell2022 Nov 1036272405
Oligodendroglial macroautophagy is essential for myelin sheath turnover to prevent neurodegeneration and death.Aber, Etan R; Griffey, Christopher J; Davies, Tim; Li, Alice M; Yang, Young Joo; Croce, Katherine R; Goldman, James E; Grutzendler, Jaime; Canman, Julie C; Yamamoto, AiCell reports2022 10 1836261002
Somatic genomic mosaicism in the brain: Identified mutations provide challenges and opportunities for the clinic.Chun, JeroldMed (New York, N.Y.)2022 Oct 1436242998
Targeting lipid-protein interaction to treat Syk-mediated acute myeloid leukemia.Singaram, Indira; Sharma, Ashutosh; Pant, Shashank; Lihan, Muyun; Park, Mi-Jeong; Pergande, Melissa; Buwaneka, Pawanthi; Hu, Yusi; Mahmud, Nadim; Kim, You-Me; Cologna, Stephanie; Gevorgyan, Vladimir; Khan, Irum; Tajkhorshid, Emad; Cho, WonhwaNature chemical biology2022 Oct 1336229686
Structures of the TMC-1 complex illuminate mechanosensory transduction.Jeong, Hanbin; Clark, Sarah; Goehring, April; Dehghani-Ghahnaviyeh, Sepehr; Rasouli, Ali; Tajkhorshid, Emad; Gouaux, EricNature2022 1036224384
MiOS, an integrated imaging and computational strategy to model gene folding with nucleosome resolution.Neguembor, Maria Victoria; Arcon, Juan Pablo; Buitrago, Diana; Lema, Rafael; Walther, Jürgen; Garate, Ximena; Martin, Laura; Romero, Pablo; AlHaj Abed, Jumana; Gut, Marta; Blanc, Julie; Lakadamyali, Melike; Wu, Chao-Ting; Brun Heath, Isabelle; Orozco, ModNature structural & molecular biology2022 Oct36220894
In situ cell-type-specific cell-surface proteomic profiling in mice.Shuster, S Andrew; Li, Jiefu; Chon, URee; Sinantha-Hu, Miley C; Luginbuhl, David J; Udeshi, Namrata D; Carey, Dominique Kiki; Takeo, Yukari H; Xie, Qijing; Xu, Chuanyun; Mani, D R; Han, Shuo; Ting, Alice Y; Carr, Steven A; Luo, LiqunNeuron2022 Dec 0736220098
miRNA analysis reveals novel dysregulated pathways in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Hur, Junguk; Paez-Colasante, Ximena; Figueroa-Romero, Claudia; Lo, Ting-Wen; Barmada, Sami J; Paulsen, Michelle; Ljungman, Mats; Alakwaa, Fadhl M; Savelieff, Masha G; Goutman, Stephen A; Feldman, Eva LHuman molecular genetics2022 Oct 1136219176
Profiling epigenetic age in single cells.Trapp, Alexandre; Kerepesi, Csaba; Gladyshev, Vadim NNature aging2021 Dec36211119
Occupational history associates with ALS survival and onset segment.Goutman, Stephen A; Boss, Jonathan; Godwin, Christopher; Mukherjee, Bhramar; Feldman, Eva L; Batterman, Stuart AAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis & frontotemporal degeneration2022 Oct 0336193557
Identification of orphan ligand-receptor relationships using a cell-based CRISPRa enrichment screening platform.Siepe, Dirk H; Henneberg, Lukas T; Wilson, Steven C; Hess, Gaelen T; Bassik, Michael C; Zinn, Kai; Garcia, K ChristophereLife2022 Sep 3036178190
Lutetium background radiation in total-body PET-A simulation study on opportunities and challenges in PET attenuation correction.Omidvari, Negar; Cheng, Li; Leung, Edwin K; Abdelhafez, Yasser G; Badawi, Ramsey D; Ma, Tianyu; Qi, Jinyi; Cherry, Simon RFrontiers in nuclear medicine (Lausanne, Switzerland)202236172601
Replication-Deficient Zika Vector-Based Vaccine Provides Maternal and Fetal Protection in Mouse Model.Garcia Jr, Gustavo; Chakravarty, Nikhil; Abu, Angel Elma; Jeyachandran, Arjit Vijey; Takano, Kari-Ann; Brown, Rebecca; Morizono, Kouki; Arumugaswami, VaithilingarajaMicrobiology spectrum2022 Oct 2636169338
Immunization with Genetically Modified Trypanosomes Provides Protection against Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies.Triller, Gianna; Garyfallos, Dimitrios A; Papavasiliou, F Nina; Sklaviadis, Theodoros; Stavropoulos, Pete; Xanthopoulos, KonstantinosInternational journal of molecular sciences2022 Sep 1336142526
Label-free intraoperative histology of bone tissue via deep-learning-assisted ultraviolet photoacoustic microscopy.Cao, Rui; Nelson, Scott D; Davis, Samuel; Liang, Yu; Luo, Yilin; Zhang, Yide; Crawford, Brooke; Wang, Lihong VNature biomedical engineering2022 Sep 1936123403
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Feldman, Eva L; Goutman, Stephen A; Petri, Susanne; Mazzini, Letizia; Savelieff, Masha G; Shaw, Pamela J; Sobue, GenLancet (London, England)2022 Oct 1536116464
Condensed-phase signaling can expand kinase specificity and respond to macromolecular crowding.Sang, Dajun; Shu, Tong; Pantoja, Christian F; Ibáñez de Opakua, Alain; Zweckstetter, Markus; Holt, Liam JMolecular cell2022 Oct 0636108633
Single domain antibodies against enteric pathogen virulence factors are active as curli fiber fusions on probiotic E. coli Nissle 1917.Gelfat, Ilia; Aqeel, Yousuf; Tremblay, Jacqueline M; Jaskiewicz, Justyna J; Shrestha, Anishma; Lee, James N; Hu, Shenglan; Qian, Xi; Magoun, Loranne; Sheoran, Abhineet; Bedenice, Daniela; Giem, Colter; Manjula-Basavanna, Avinash; Pulsifer, Amanda R; Tu, HPLoS pathogens2022 0936107831
Human hepatocyte PNPLA3-148M exacerbates rapid non-alcoholic fatty liver disease development in chimeric mice.Kabbani, Mohammad; Michailidis, Eleftherios; Steensels, Sandra; Fulmer, Clifton G; Luna, Joseph M; Le Pen, Jérémie; Tardelli, Matteo; Razooky, Brandon; Ricardo-Lax, Inna; Zou, Chenhui; Zeck, Briana; Stenzel, Ansgar F; Quirk, Corrine; Foquet, Lander; AshbrCell reports2022 Sep 1336103835
Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators as Resolution Pharmacology for the Control of Pain and Itch.Ji, Ru-RongAnnual review of pharmacology and toxicology2023 Jan 20273-29336100219
Independent phenotypic plasticity axes define distinct obesity sub-types.Yang, Chih-Hsiang; Fagnocchi, Luca; Apostle, Stefanos; Wegert, Vanessa; Casaní-Galdón, Salvador; Landgraf, Kathrin; Panzeri, Ilaria; Dror, Erez; Heyne, Steffen; Wörpel, Till; Chandler, Darrell P; Lu, Di; Yang, Tao; Gibbons, Elizabeth; Guerreiro, Rita; BraNature metabolism2022 Sep36097183
A bacterial pan-genome makes gene essentiality strain-dependent and evolvable.Rosconi, Federico; Rudmann, Emily; Li, Jien; Surujon, Defne; Anthony, Jon; Frank, Matthew; Jones, Dakota S; Rock, Charles; Rosch, Jason W; Johnston, Christopher D; van Opijnen, TimNature microbiology2022 Oct36097170
Longitudinal Evaluation of Antibody Persistence in Mother-Infant Dyads Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Pregnancy.Cambou, Mary C; Liu, Christine M; Mok, Thalia; Fajardo-Martinez, Viviana; Paiola, Sophia G; Ibarrondo, Francisco J; Kerin, Tara; Fuller, Trevon; Tobin, Nicole H; Garcia, Gustavo; Bhattacharya, Debika; Aldrovandi, Grace M; Arumugaswami, Vaithilingaraja; FoThe Journal of infectious diseases2022 Sep 0936082433
A single-administration therapeutic interfering particle reduces SARS-CoV-2 viral shedding and pathogenesis in hamsters.Chaturvedi, Sonali; Beutler, Nathan; Vasen, Gustavo; Pablo, Michael; Chen, Xinyue; Calia, Giuliana; Buie, Lauren; Rodick, Robert; Smith, Davey; Rogers, Thomas; Weinberger, Leor SProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 09 2736074824
Targeting BCL-XL in fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma.Shebl, Bassem; Ng, Denise; Lalazar, Gadi; Rosemore, Carly; Finkelstein, Tova M; Migler, Rachael D; Zheng, Guangrong; Zhang, Peiyi; Jiang, Caroline S; Qureshi, Adam; Vaughan, Roger; Yarchoan, Mark; de Jong, Ype P; Rice, Charles M; Coffino, Philip; Ortiz, MJCI insight2022 09 0836073545
CAQK, a peptide associating with extracellular matrix components targets sites of demyelinating injuries.Abi-Ghanem, Charly; Jonnalagadda, Deepa; Chun, Jerold; Kihara, Yasuyuki; Ranscht, BarbaraFrontiers in cellular neuroscience202236072569
Changes in chromatin accessibility are not concordant with transcriptional changes for single-factor perturbations.Kiani, Karun; Sanford, Eric M; Goyal, Yogesh; Raj, ArjunMolecular systems biology2022 0936069349
CIC missense variants contribute to susceptibility for spina bifida.Han, Xiao; Cao, Xuanye; Aguiar-Pulido, Vanessa; Yang, Wei; Karki, Menuka; Ramirez, Paula Andrea Pimienta; Cabrera, Robert M; Lin, Ying Linda; Wlodarczyk, Bogdan J; Shaw, Gary M; Ross, M Elizabeth; Zhang, Cuilian; Finnell, Richard H; Lei, YunpingHuman mutation2022 Sep 0236054333
Sharing Begins at Home: How Continuous and Ubiquitous FAIRness Can Enhance Research Productivity and Data Reuse.Dempsey, William; Foster, Ian; Fraser, Scott; Kesselman, CarlHarvard data science review202236035065
Structure and engineering of the minimal type VI CRISPR-Cas13bt3.Nakagawa, Ryoya; Kannan, Soumya; Altae-Tran, Han; Takeda, Satoru N; Tomita, Atsuhiro; Hirano, Hisato; Kusakizako, Tsukasa; Nishizawa, Tomohiro; Yamashita, Keitaro; Zhang, Feng; Nishimasu, Hiroshi; Nureki, OsamuMolecular cell2022 09 0136027912
Embryo model completes gastrulation to neurulation and organogenesis.Amadei, Gianluca; Handford, Charlotte E; Qiu, Chengxiang; De Jonghe, Joachim; Greenfeld, Hannah; Tran, Martin; Martin, Beth K; Chen, Dong-Yuan; Aguilera-Castrejon, Alejandro; Hanna, Jacob H; Elowitz, Michael B; Hollfelder, Florian; Shendure, Jay; Glover, David M; Zernicka-Goetz, MagdalenaNature2022 1036007540
Structure of the Human BK Ion Channel in Lipid Environment.Tonggu, Lige; Wang, LiguoMembranes2022 Jul 3136005673
RASA2 ablation in T cells boosts antigen sensitivity and long-term function.Carnevale, Julia; Shifrut, Eric; Kale, Nupura; Nyberg, William A; Blaeschke, Franziska; Chen, Yan Yi; Li, Zhongmei; Bapat, Sagar P; Diolaiti, Morgan E; O'Leary, Patrick; Vedova, Shane; Belk, Julia; Daniel, Bence; Roth, Theodore L; Bachl, Stefanie; Anido, Alejandro Allo; Prinzing, Brooke; Ibañez-Vega, Jorge; Lange, Shannon; Haydar, Dalia; Luetke-Eversloh, Marie; Born-Bony, Maelys; Hegde, Bindu; Kogan, Scott; Feuchtinger, Tobias; Okada, Hideho; Satpathy, Ansuman T; Shannon, Kevin; Gottschalk, Stephen; Eyquem, Justin; Krenciute, Giedre; Ashworth, Alan; Marson, AlexanderNature2022 0936002574
Stem cell therapy for central nervous system disorders: Metabolic interactions between transplanted cells and local microenvironments.Sakowski, Stacey A; Chen, Kevin SNeurobiology of disease2022 10 1535988874
Shared and Distinctive Neighborhoods of Emerin and Lamin B Receptor Revealed by Proximity Labeling and Quantitative Proteomics.Cheng, Li-Chun; Zhang, Xi; Abhinav, Kanishk; Nguyen, Julie A; Baboo, Sabyasachi; Martinez-Bartolomé, Salvador; Branon, Tess C; Ting, Alice Y; Loose, Esther; Yates 3rd, John R; Gerace, LarryJournal of proteome research2022 Sep 0235972904
Machine learning in postgenomic biology and personalized medicine.Ray, AnimeshWiley interdisciplinary reviews. Data mining and knowledge discovery2022 Mar-Apr35966173
A Bcl6 Intronic Element Regulates T Follicular Helper Cell Differentiation.Lai, Chen-Yen; Marcel, Nimi; Yaldiko, Allen W; Delpoux, Arnaud; Hedrick, Stephen MJournal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)2022 Aug 1035948398
A genetic model for in vivo proximity labelling of the mammalian secretome.Yang, Rui; Meyer, Amanda S; Droujinine, Ilia A; Udeshi, Namrata D; Hu, Yanhui; Guo, Jinjin; McMahon, Jill A; Carey, Dominique K; Xu, Charles; Fang, Qiao; Sha, Jihui; Qin, Shishang; Rocco, David; Wohlschlegel, James; Ting, Alice Y; Carr, Steven A; Perrimon, Norbert; McMahon, Andrew POpen biology2022 0835946312
A conserved Bacteroidetes antigen induces anti-inflammatory intestinal T lymphocytes.Bousbaine, Djenet; Fisch, Laura I; London, Mariya; Bhagchandani, Preksha; Rezende de Castro, Tiago B; Mimee, Mark; Olesen, Scott; Reis, Bernardo S; VanInsberghe, David; Bortolatto, Juliana; Poyet, Mathilde; Cheloha, Ross W; Sidney, John; Ling, Jingjing; Gupta, Aaron; Lu, Timothy K; Sette, Alessandro; Alm, Eric J; Moon, James J; Victora, Gabriel D; Mucida, Daniel; Ploegh, Hidde L; Bilate, Angelina MScience (New York, N.Y.)2022 08 0535926021
Association of race/ethnicity with mortality in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.Richardson, Safiya; Martinez, Johanna; Hirsch, Jamie S; Cerise, Jane; Lesser, Martin; Roswell, Robert O; Davidson, Karina W; Northwell Health COVID-19 Research ConsortiumPloS one202235925973
A Novel EGFRvIII T-Cell Bispecific Antibody for the Treatment of Glioblastoma.Iurlaro, Raffaella; Waldhauer, Inja; Planas-Rigol, Ester; Bonfill-Teixidor, Ester; Arias, Alexandra; Nicolini, Valeria; Freimoser-Grundschober, Anne; Cuartas, Isabel; Martínez-Moreno, Alba; Martínez-Ricarte, Francisco; Cordero, Esteban; Cicuendez, Marta; Molecular cancer therapeutics2022 10 0735915983
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Myeloperoxidase as a Marker to Differentiate Mouse Monocyte/Macrophage Subsets.Gurski, Cody J; Dittel, Bonnie NInternational journal of molecular sciences2022 Jul 2635897821
Engineering Modular 3D Liver Culture Microenvironments In Vitro to Parse the Interplay between Biophysical and Biochemical Microenvironment Cues on Hepatic Phenotypes.Wang, Alex J; Allen, Allysa; Sofman, Marianna; Sphabmixay, Pierre; Yildiz, Ece; Griffith, Linda GAdvanced nanobiomed research2022 Jan35872804
Control of nuclear size by osmotic forces in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.Lemière, Joël; Real-Calderon, Paula; Holt, Liam J; Fai, Thomas G; Chang, FredeLife2022 Jul 2035856499
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Tissue-resident memory and circulating T cells are early responders to pre-surgical cancer immunotherapy.Luoma, Adrienne M; Suo, Shengbao; Wang, Yifan; Gunasti, Lauren; Porter, Caroline B M; Nabilsi, Nancy; Tadros, Jenny; Ferretti, Andrew P; Liao, Sida; Gurer, Cagan; Chen, Yu-Hui; Criscitiello, Shana; Ricker, Cora A; Dionne, Danielle; Rozenblatt-Rosen, Orit;Cell2022 Aug 0435803260
Applications and Limitations of Oxime-Linked "Split PROTACs".Gui, Weijun; Kodadek, ThomasChembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology2022 Jul 0835802347
HDACs regulate the differentiation of endothelial cells from human iPSCs.Li, Tao; Wu, Haopeng; Wang, Pingping; Kim, Amy M; Jia, Junjing; Nolta, Jan A; Zhou, PingCell biochemistry and function2022 Jul 0535789099
Isolation and Processing of Murine White Adipocytes for Transcriptome and Epigenome Analyses.Yang, Chih-Hsiang; Longinotto, John; Panzeri, Ilaria; Arrigoni, Laura; Wegert, Vanessa; Heyne, Steffen; Seifert, Gabriel; Lempradl, Adelheid; Bönisch, Ulrike; Pospisilik, John AndrewJournal of visualized experiments : JoVE2022 06 1635786676
A natural fusion of flavodiiron, rubredoxin, and rubredoxin oxidoreductase domains is a self-sufficient water-forming oxidase of Trichomonas vaginalis.Abdulaziz, Evana N; Bell, Tristan A; Rashid, Bazlur; Heacock, Mina L; Begic, Tarik; Skinner, Owen S; Yaseen, Mohammad A; Chao, Luke H; Mootha, Vamsi K; Pierik, Antonio J; Cracan, ValentinThe Journal of biological chemistry2022 0835780837
Conservation and divergence of cortical cell organization in human and mouse revealed by MERFISH.Fang, Rongxin; Xia, Chenglong; Close, Jennie L; Zhang, Meng; He, Jiang; Huang, Zhengkai; Halpern, Aaron R; Long, Brian; Miller, Jeremy A; Lein, Ed S; Zhuang, XiaoweiScience (New York, N.Y.)2022 0735771910
Posttranslational modifications optimize the ability of SARS-CoV-2 spike for effective interaction with host cell receptors.Kapoor, Karan; Chen, Tianle; Tajkhorshid, EmadProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 Jul 1235737823
PET/CT imaging of CSF1R in a mouse model of tuberculosis.Foss, Catherine A; Ordonez, Alvaro A; Naik, Ravi; Das, Deepankar; Hall, Andrew; Wu, Yunkou; Dannals, Robert F; Jain, Sanjay K; Pomper, Martin G; Horti, Andrew GEuropean journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging2022 Jun 1735713665
Systematically quantifying morphological features reveals constraints on organoid phenotypes.Beck, Lauren E; Lee, Jasmine; Coté, Christopher; Dunagin, Margaret C; Lukonin, Ilya; Salla, Nikkita; Chang, Marcello K; Hughes, Alex J; Mornin, Joseph D; Gartner, Zev J; Liberali, Prisca; Raj, ArjunCell systems2022 Jul 2035705097
Live analysis of position-effect variegation in Drosophila reveals different modes of action for HP1a and Su(var)3-9.Bughio, Farah J; Maggert, Keith AProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 06 2135704756
Neuroligin-3 confines AMPA receptors into nanoclusters, thereby controlling synaptic strength at the calyx of Held synapses.Han, Ying; Cao, Ran; Qin, Liming; Chen, Lulu Y; Tang, Ai-Hui; Südhof, Thomas C; Zhang, BoScience advances2022 Jun 1735704570
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