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The overall goal of the NIH Health Care Systems (HCS) Research Collaboratory program is to strengthen the national capacity to implement cost-effective large-scale research studies that engage health care delivery organizations as research partners. Research conducted in partnership with health care systems is essential to make research results more relevant to medical practice. This type of research takes place at the site of care under the real-world conditions of medical practice.

The program currently supports a series of clinical trial Demonstration Projects that take place at the site of care with health care delivery systems participating as full research partners. These "pragmatic" clinical trials address a range of pressing public health concerns and take place at medical centers across the country. Lessons learned from these projects are being documented by the Collaboratory to inform the design and implementation of future pragmatic trials. Read full descriptions of each pragmatic clinical trial Demonstration Project.

The program also supports a Collaboratory Coordinating Center that organizes Collaboratory activities and disseminates the lessons learned by the Collaboratory. The Coordinating Center provides critical infrastructure to address the unique challenges of pragmatic clinical trials. For example, the Coordinating Center oversees a number of Cores/Working Groups that each focus on a unique aspect of conducting pragmatic clinical trials. The Cores/Working Groups then provide essential guidance to the Demonstration Projects. Learn more about the Collaboratory Cores/Working Groups

Visit the Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory website maintained by the Collaboratory Coordinating Center for detailed information on:

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