Patricia Labosky, Ph.D.‚ÄčPatricia Labosky, Ph.D.

Patricia Labosky (Trish) joined the Office of Strategic Coordination in 2012. She earned her Ph.D. from Wesleyan University studying the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells, and did her postdoctoral training at Vanderbilt University where she furthered her interest in stem cells and early development generating some of the first germ line competent embryonic germ cell (EG cell) lines. After her postdoctoral work, she was an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania from 1997 - 2006. In 2006 she moved to Vanderbilt University where she was a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology and the Center for Stem Cell Biology. She was also a Scientific Co-Director of the Vanderbilt Transgenic Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Core. Dr. Labosky's research focused on studying genes that control normal development of the mammalian embryo and mediated cell lineage decisions in multiple disparate stem cells. Her lab was funded by multiple NIH awards and foundation grants and resulted in many publications.