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Program Initiatives


I. Facilitating Broad Use of Biomedical Big Data

  • New Policies to Encourage Data & Software Sharing
  • Catalog of Research Datasets to Facilitate Data Location & Citation
  • Frameworks for the development of community-based standards
  • Enabling Research Use of Clinical Data

II. Developing and Disseminating Analysis Methods and Software

  • Software to Meet Needs of the Biomedical Research Community, both analytic software and management/processing software
  • The creation of a Catalog of NIH-funded Software​
  • Facilitating Data Analysis: Access to Large-scale Computing​​

III. Enhancing Training for Biomedical Big Data

  • Increase the Number of Computationally Skilled Biomedical Trainees
  • Strengthen the Quantitative Skills of All Biomedical Researchers
  • Enhance NIH Review and Program Oversight

IV. Establishing Centers of Excellence for Biomedical Big Data

  • Advance the science of Big Data in the context of biomedical and behavioral research, and to create innovative new approaches, methods, software, and tools.


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