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Health Economics (14)
Publication TitleAuthorsJournalPublication DatePage NoPubMedID
Financial versus health motivation to quit smoking: a randomized field study.Sindelar, Jody L; O'Malley, Stephanie SPreventive medicine2014 Feb4-Jan24139975
Effect of including cancer mortality on the cost-effectiveness of aspirin for primary prevention in men.Pignone, Michael; Earnshaw, Stephanie; McDade, Cheryl; Pletcher, Mark JJournal of general internal medicine2013 Nov1483-9123681842
The effects of obesity, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake on healthcare expenditure in a comprehensive medical scheme.Sturm, R; An, R; Maroba, J; Patel, DSouth African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde2013 Nov840-424148168
Interpretation of the coronary artery calcium score in combination with conventional cardiovascular risk factors: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA).Pletcher, Mark J; Sibley, Christopher T; Pignone, Michael; Vittinghoff, Eric; Greenland, PhilipCirculation2013 Sep 31076-8423884352
Different analyses estimate different parameters of the effect of erythropoietin stimulating agents on survival in end stage renal disease: a comparison of payment policy analysis, instrumental variables, and multiple imputation of potential outcomes.Dore, David D; Swaminathan, Shailender; Gutman, Roee; Trivedi, Amal N; Mor, VincentJournal of clinical epidemiology2013 AugS42-5023849152
Effectiveness of subsidies in promoting healthy food purchases and consumption: a review of field experiments.An, RuopengPublic health nutrition2013 Jul1215-2823122423
A cash-back rebate program for healthy food purchases in South Africa: results from scanner data.Sturm, Roland; An, Ruopeng; Segal, Darren; Patel, DeepakAmerican journal of preventive medicine2013 Jun567-7223683973
Treatment patterns and survival among low-income medicaid patients with head and neck cancer.Subramanian, Sujha; Chen, AmyJAMA otolaryngology-- head & neck surgery2013 May489-9523598992
Provincial screening rates for chronic diseases of lifestyle, cancers and HIV in a health-insured population.Adonis, L; An, R; Luiz, J; Mehrotra, A; Patel, D; Basu, D; Sturm, RSouth African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde2013 May309-1223971120
Eating better for less: a national discount program for healthy food purchases in South Africa.An, Ruopeng; Patel, Deepak; Segal, Darren; Sturm, RolandAmerican journal of health behavior2013 Jan56-6122943101
Systems science and childhood obesity: a systematic review and new directions.Cockrell Skinner, Asheley; Foster, E MichaelJournal of obesity201312919323710344
Medicare's payment strategy for end-stage renal disease now embraces bundled payment and pay-for-performance to cut costs.Swaminathan, Shailender; Mor, Vincent; Mehrotra, Rajnish; Trivedi, AmalHealth affairs (Project Hope)2012 Sep2051-822949455
Association between treatment with brachytherapy vs whole-breast irradiation and subsequent mastectomy, complications, and survival among older women with invasive breast cancer.Smith, Grace L; Xu, Ying; Buchholz, Thomas A; Giordano, Sharon H; Jiang, Jing; Shih, Ya-Chen Tina; Smith, Benjamin DJAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association2012 May 21827-3722550197
The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief in Africa: an evaluation of outcomes.Bendavid, Eran; Bhattacharya, JayantaAnnals of internal medicine2009 May 19688-9519349625

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