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Health Care Systems (HCS) Research Collaboratory (51)
Publication TitleAuthorsJournalPublication DatePage NoPubMedID
Pragmatic Clinical Trials in CKD: Opportunities and Challenges.de Boer, Ian H; Kovesdy, Csaba P; Navaneethan, Sankar D; Peralta, Carmen A; Tuot, Delphine S; Vazquez, Miguel A; Crews, Deidra C; American Society of Nephrology Chronic Kidney Disease Advisory GroupJournal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN.2016 Jun 9;27283497
Statistical lessons learned for designing cluster randomized pragmatic clinical trials from the NIH Health Care Systems Collaboratory Biostatistics and Design Core.Cook, Andrea J; Delong, Elizabeth; Murray, David M; Vollmer, William M; Heagerty, Patrick JClinical trials (London, England).2016 May 13;27179253
An effectiveness-implementation hybrid trial study protocol targeting posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbidity.Zatzick, Douglas F; Russo, Joan; Darnell, Doyanne; Chambers, David A; Palinkas, Lawrence; Van Eaton, Erik; Wang, Jin; Ingraham, Leah M; Guiney, Roxanne; Heagerty, Patrick; Comstock, Bryan; Whiteside, Lauren K; Jurkovich, GregoryImplementation science : IS.2016;27130272
Patient and clinician support for the learning healthcare system: recommendations for enhancing value.Moloney, Rachael M; Tambor, Ellen S; Tunis, Sean RJournal of comparative effectiveness research.2016 Mar;26930026
Timeliness of Colonoscopy After Abnormal Fecal Test Results in a Safety Net Practice.Oluloro, Ann; Petrik, Amanda F; Turner, Ann; Kapka, Tanya; Rivelli, Jennifer; Carney, Patricia A; Saha, Somnath; Coronado, Gloria DJournal of community health.2016 Feb 13;26874943
Ethics and Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research.Sugarman, JeremyAcademic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.2016 Jan 27;26826074
Use of PRECIS ratings in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory.Johnson, Karin E; Neta, Gila; Dember, Laura M; Coronado, Gloria D; Suls, Jerry; Chambers, David A; Rundell, Sean; Smith, David H; Liu, Benmei; Taplin, Stephen; Stoney, Catherine M; Farrell, Margaret M; Glasgow, Russell ETrials.2016;26772801
An evaluation of constrained randomization for the design and analysis of group-randomized trials.Li, Fan; Lokhnygina, Yuliya; Murray, David M; Heagerty, Patrick J; DeLong, Elizabeth RStatistics in medicine.2015 Nov 23;26598212
Lumbar Imaging With Reporting Of Epidemiology (LIRE)-Protocol for a pragmatic cluster randomized trial.Jarvik, Jeffrey G; Comstock, Bryan A; James, Kathryn T; Avins, Andrew L; Bresnahan, Brian W; Deyo, Richard A; Luetmer, Patrick H; Friedly, Janna L; Meier, Eric N; Cherkin, Daniel C; Gold, Laura S; Rundell, Sean D; Halabi, Safwan S; Kallmes, David F; Tan, Contemporary clinical trials.2015 Nov;157-6326493088
Technology-Enhanced Stepped Collaborative Care Targeting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Comorbidity After Injury: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Zatzick, Douglas; O'Connor, Stephen S; Russo, Joan; Wang, Jin; Bush, Nigel; Love, Jeff; Peterson, Roselyn; Ingraham, Leah; Darnell, Doyanne; Whiteside, Lauren; Van Eaton, ErikJournal of traumatic stress.2015 Oct;391-40026467327
Recruiting community health centers into pragmatic research: Findings from STOP CRC.Coronado, Gloria D; Retecki, Sally; Schneider, Jennifer; Taplin, Stephen H; Burdick, Tim; Green, Beverly BClinical trials (London, England).2015 Sep 29;26419905
Ethical responsibilities toward indirect and collateral participants in pragmatic clinical trials.Smalley, Jaye Bea; Merritt, Maria W; Al-Khatib, Sana M; McCall, Debbe; Staman, Karen L; Stepnowsky, CarlClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;476-8426374687
Considerations in the evaluation and determination of minimal risk in pragmatic clinical trials.Lantos, John D; Wendler, David; Septimus, Edward; Wahba, Sarita; Madigan, Rosemary; Bliss, GeraldineClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;485-9326374686
Oversight on the borderline: Quality improvement and pragmatic research.Finkelstein, Jonathan A; Brickman, Andrew L; Capron, Alexander; Ford, Daniel E; Gombosev, Adrijana; Greene, Sarah M; Iafrate, R Peter; Kolaczkowski, Laura; Pallin, Sarah C; Pletcher, Mark J; Staman, Karen L; Vazquez, Miguel A; Sugarman, JeremyClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;457-6626374685
The Food and Drug Administration and pragmatic clinical trials of marketed medical products.Anderson, Monique L; Griffin, Joseph; Goldkind, Sara F; Zeitler, Emily P; Wing, Liz; Al-Khatib, Sana M; Sherman, Rachel EClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;511-926374684
Gatekeepers for pragmatic clinical trials.Whicher, Danielle M; Miller, Jennifer E; Dunham, Kelly M; Joffe, StevenClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;442-826374683
Privacy and confidentiality in pragmatic clinical trials.McGraw, Deven; Greene, Sarah M; Miner, Caroline S; Staman, Karen L; Welch, Mary Jane; Rubel, AlanClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;520-926374682
The ethics and regulatory landscape of including vulnerable populations in pragmatic clinical trials.Welch, Mary Jane; Lally, Rachel; Miller, Jennifer E; Pittman, Stephanie; Brodsky, Lynda; Caplan, Arthur L; Uhlenbrauck, Gina; Louzao, Darcy M; Fischer, James H; Wilfond, BenjaminClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;503-1026374681
Harms, benefits, and the nature of interventions in pragmatic clinical trials.Ali, Joseph; Andrews, Joseph E; Somkin, Carol P; Rabinovich, C EglaClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;467-7526374680
Data monitoring committees for pragmatic clinical trials.Ellenberg, Susan S; Culbertson, Richard; Gillen, Daniel L; Goodman, Steven; Schrandt, Suzanne; Zirkle, MaryanClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;530-626374679
Harmonization and streamlining of research oversight for pragmatic clinical trials.O'Rourke, P Pearl; Carrithers, Judith; Patrick-Lake, Bray; Rice, Todd W; Corsmo, Jeremy; Hart, Raffaella; Drezner, Marc K; Lantos, John DClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;449-5626374678
Use of altered informed consent in pragmatic clinical research.McKinney Jr, Ross E; Beskow, Laura M; Ford, Daniel E; Lantos, John D; McCall, Jonathan; Patrick-Lake, Bray; Pletcher, Mark J; Rath, Brian; Schmidt, Hollie; Weinfurt, KevinClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;494-50226374677
Exploring the ethical and regulatory issues in pragmatic clinical trials.Califf, Robert M; Sugarman, JeremyClinical trials (London, England).2015 Oct;436-4126374676
Is Shared Decision Making an Appropriate Analytic Frame for Research on Medical Practices?Sugarman, JeremyThe American journal of bioethics : AJOB.2015;18-2026305742
Compliance with results reporting at ClinicalTrials.gov.Anderson, Monique L; Chiswell, Karen; Peterson, Eric D; Tasneem, Asba; Topping, James; Califf, Robert MThe New England journal of medicine.2015 Mar 12;1031-925760355
Ethical and regulatory issues of pragmatic cluster randomized trials in contemporary health systems.Anderson, Monique L; Califf, Robert M; Sugarman, Jeremy; participants in the NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory Cluster Randomized Trial WorkshopClinical trials (London, England).2015 Jun;276-8625733677
Reasons for non-response to a direct-mailed FIT kit program: lessons learned from a pragmatic colorectal-cancer screening study in a federally sponsored health center.Coronado, Gloria D; Schneider, Jennifer L; Sanchez, Jennifer J; Petrik, Amanda F; Green, BeverlyTranslational behavioral medicine.2015 Mar;60-725729454
Validating pain communication: current state of the science.Edmond, Sara N; Keefe, Francis JPain.2015 Feb;215-925599441
Urologic and gastrointestinal symptoms in the dystroglycanopathies.Crockett, Cameron D; Bertrand, Laura A; Cooper, Christopher S; Rahhal, Riad M; Liu, Ke; Zimmerman, M Bridget; Moore, Steven A; Mathews, Katherine DNeurology.2015 Feb 3;532-925568299
A guide to research partnerships for pragmatic clinical trials.Johnson, Karin E; Tachibana, Chris; Coronado, Gloria D; Dember, Laura M; Glasgow, Russell E; Huang, Susan S; Martin, Paul J; Richards, Julie; Rosenthal, Gary; Septimus, Ed; Simon, Gregory E; Solberg, Leif; Suls, Jerry; Thompson, Ella; Larson, Eric BBMJ (Clinical research ed.).2014;g682625446054
Using an Automated Data-driven, EHR-Embedded Program for Mailing FIT kits: Lessons from the STOP CRC Pilot Study.Coronado, Gloria D; Burdick, Tim; Petrik, Amanda; Kapka, Tanya; Retecki, Sally; Green, BeverlyJournal of general practice (Los Angeles, Calif.).2014 Jan 5;25411657
National pathways for suicide prevention and health services research.Ahmedani, Brian K; Vannoy, StevenAmerican journal of preventive medicine.2014 Sep;S222-825145743
Patient-centered outcomes research in radiology: trends in funding and methodology.Lee, Christoph I; Jarvik, Jeffrey GAcademic radiology.2014 Sep;1156-6124998691
Clinical perspectives on colorectal cancer screening at Latino-serving federally qualified health centers.Coronado, Gloria D; Petrik, Amanda F; Spofford, Mark; Talbot, Jocelyn; Do, Huyen Hoai; Taylor, Victoria MHealth education & behavior : the official publication of the Society for Public Health Education.2015 Feb;26-3124952378
Strategies and Opportunities to STOP Colon Cancer in Priority Populations: design of a cluster-randomized pragmatic trial.Coronado, Gloria D; Vollmer, William M; Petrik, Amanda; Taplin, Stephen H; Burdick, Timothy E; Meenan, Richard T; Green, Beverly BContemporary clinical trials2014 Jul344-924937017
''BeneFITs'' to increase colorectal cancer screening in priority populations.Green, Beverly B; Coronado, Gloria DJAMA internal medicine.2014 Aug;1242-324934255
Longitudinal associations between incident lumbar spine MRI findings and chronic low back pain or radicular symptoms: retrospective analysis of data from the longitudinal assessment of imaging and disability of the back (LAIDBACK).Suri, Pradeep; Boyko, Edward J; Goldberg, Jack; Forsberg, Christopher W; Jarvik, Jeffrey GBMC musculoskeletal disorders201415224886265
The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network: a national infrastructure for comparative effectiveness research.Califf, Robert MNorth Carolina medical journal2014 May-Jun204-1024830497
Navigating the murky waters of colorectal cancer screening and health reform.Green, Beverly B; Coronado, Gloria D; Devoe, Jennifer E; Allison, JamesAmerican journal of public health.2014 Jun;982-624825195
Ethics and regulatory complexities for pragmatic clinical trials.Sugarman, Jeremy; Califf, Robert MJAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association2014 Jun 182381-224810723
Strategies and opportunities to STOP colon cancer in priority populations: pragmatic pilot study design and outcomes.Coronado, Gloria D; Vollmer, William M; Petrik, Amanda; Aguirre, Josue; Kapka, Tanya; Devoe, Jennifer; Puro, Jon; Miers, Tran; Lembach, Jennifer; Turner, Ann; Sanchez, Jennifer; Retecki, Sally; Nelson, Christine; Green, BeverlyBMC cancer.2014;5524571550
Health care contacts in the year before suicide death.Ahmedani, Brian K; Simon, Gregory E; Stewart, Christine; Beck, Arne; Waitzfelder, Beth E; Rossom, Rebecca; Lynch, Frances; Owen-Smith, Ashli; Hunkeler, Enid M; Whiteside, Ursula; Operskalski, Belinda H; Coffey, M Justin; Solberg, Leif IJournal of general internal medicine2014 Jun870-724567199
Designing messaging to engage patients in an online suicide prevention intervention: survey results from patients with current suicidal ideation.Whiteside, Ursula; Lungu, Anita; Richards, Julie; Simon, Gregory E; Clingan, Sarah; Siler, Jaeden; Snyder, Lorilei; Ludman, EvetteJournal of medical Internet research.2014;e4224509475
Efficacy and safety of nighttime dosing of antihypertensives: review of the literature and design of a pragmatic clinical trial.Carter, Barry L; Chrischilles, Elizabeth A; Rosenthal, Gary; Gryzlak, Brian M; Eisenstein, Eric L; Vander Weg, Mark WJournal of clinical hypertension (Greenwich, Conn.)2014 Feb115-2124373519
Let the punishment fit the crime: sensible consent in the management of human subjects research and standard-of-care interventions.McKinney Jr, Ross EThe American journal of bioethics : AJOB201322-324256526
Embedding cardiovascular research into practice.Califf, Robert M; Platt, RichardJAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association2013 Nov 202037-824240926
Advantages of wordless instructions on how to complete a fecal immunochemical test: lessons from patient advisory council members of a federally qualified health center.Coronado, Gloria D; Sanchez, Jen; Petrik, Amanda; Kapka, Tanya; Devoe, Jen; Green, BeverlyJournal of cancer education : the official journal of the American Association for Cancer Education2014 Mar86-9024057692
Does response on the PHQ-9 Depression Questionnaire predict subsequent suicide attempt or suicide death?Simon, Gregory E; Rutter, Carolyn M; Peterson, Do; Oliver, Malia; Whiteside, Ursula; Operskalski, Belinda; Ludman, Evette JPsychiatric services (Washington, D.C.).2013 Dec 1;1195-20224036589
Electronic health records based phenotyping in next-generation clinical trials: a perspective from the NIH Health Care Systems Collaboratory.Richesson, Rachel L; Hammond, W Ed; Nahm, Meredith; Wixted, Douglas; Simon, Gregory E; Robinson, Jennifer G; Bauck, Alan E; Cifelli, Denise; Smerek, Michelle M; Dickerson, John; Laws, Reesa L; Madigan, Rosemary A; Rusincovitch, Shelley A; Kluchar, CynthiaJournal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA2013 Dece226-3123956018
Building trust in the power of "big data" research to serve the public good.Larson, Eric BJAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association2013 Jun 192443-423780455
Investments in infrastructure for diverse research resources and the health of the public.Psaty, Bruce M; Larson, Eric BJAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association2013 May 81895-623652519

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