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Accessing the LINCS Data for Potential U01 Applicants
(RFA-RM-10-004 and RFA-RM-10-005)

The data production effort from the LINCS U54 centers has just started and as such there is currently no publicly accessible database. In order to help potential “LINCS Technology Development” and “LINCS Computational Tool Development” U01 applicants to the LINCS program via the two outstanding RFAs (RFA-RM-10-004 and RFA-RM-10-005), NIH and the two U54 funded centers have made available details of their experiments, the experimental protocols along with meta-data and sample data. These can be found at:

NIH will maintain a set of Frequently Asked Questions and responses about the datasets and any other questions about the outstanding RFAs. All questions received by NIH or the LINCS U54 centers will be answered and will be made publicly available at this website within a short period of time. The questions can be programmatic or about details of the data or experiments. Email contact information for the centers is available on the websites listed above. NIH Program contacts are listed in the RFA (Dr. Jennie Larkin and Dr. Jennifer Couch). Please keep checking the FAQ page for updated information.

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