Frequently Asked Questions for the 4D Nucleome Program

1. What is the goal of the NIH Common Fund program on the 4D Nucleome?

2. What differentiates RFA-RM-20-003 (Real-time Dynamics and Function) vs. RFA-RM-20-005/RFA-RM-20-006 (Health and Disease)?

3. Who is eligible to apply to RFA-RM-20-006 (ESI/NI)?

4. What consortia agreements are expected in the 4DN Program?

5. Who should I contact regarding organ/cell/disease-questions?

6. What are ‘mammalian systems’ and why are they required for certain FOAs?

7. What kind of research and technologies fall under this initiative?

8. What role does the NIH have in this cooperative agreement?

9. Will these FOAs be reissued?

10. How many meetings will project PIs/co-PIs be required to attend each year?

11. Will site visits be conducted?

12. Do I have to submit a detailed budget for the competing and noncompeting awards or can I use the modular format?

13. Can work be performed outside the US?

14. Can additional PIs be added during the course of the Project Period?

15. Can changes be made to the Research Plan during the Project period as new information is obtained?

16. What are the plans for data and resource sharing for this program?

17. Is funding based on a payline?

18. Can an institution/research team submit more than one application to a one RFA or submit related applications to different RFAs?

19. Can videos be submitted with my application to a 4DN FOA? If so, are there any restrictions?

This page last reviewed on February 21, 2020